Ny edtech week

Ny edtech week

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Industry leaders gather for joint discussions on a variety of subjects, ranging from game-based learning to understanding the role of artificial intelligence in learning. After that, go to the Marquee Reception for a more casual wind-down.
Attend casual masterclasses delivered by high-demand expert or rockstar faculty members, or mix it up with off-campus open labs at creative education organizations and landmarks around the city to see start-up pitches and growth stage presentations in front of business experts at shark tanks, or mix it up with off-campus open labs at innovative education organizations and landmarks around the city. Visit The Gallery of Innovation to meet entrepreneurs and CEOs at their company booths for one-on-one meetings.

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NY EDTECH WEEK will take place December 18-20, 2017 at NYU’s Greenwich Village campus, with events taking place throughout the area.

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In this must-attend event for the edtech and education communities, the festival will deliver the best of New York City — partnerships, clients, capital, and culture.

Edtech week

Technology innovators, early-stage investors, entrepreneurs, politicians, media members, researchers, and educators attend the conference to form new partnerships and share best practices.
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Recap of the Year 2016
At NY EDTECH WEEK 2016, NYU Steinhardt and StartEd welcomed over 1000 people, including 150 Edtech investors and angels, 200 educators and students, 200 startup founders, and 100 luminary speakers. Find out more about their experience:

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EDTECH WEEK is for everyone who is interested in learning more about educational technology.

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Elliot masie, founder of the learning consortium, speaks at

Your favorite teachers, classmates, and subjects after one week of classes.

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As educators and entrepreneurs, we’ve reimagined the conventional conference model to include a dynamic interactive environment that brings us far closer together than we ever expected.
EDTECH WEEK is a week dedicated to all aspects of education.
We honor the members of our community who have shaped the way we all read, teach, work, and share knowledge. We’ll learn about all stages and phases of education together through our new VIRTUAL MODALITIES for 2021.

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NY EdTech Week is a global education innovation festival in New York City that celebrates education entrepreneurship. It was created by educators and entrepreneurs alike. It’s “a global meeting place for the education innovation industry centered on how entrepreneurship and edtech drive advances in education and learning,” according to the website.
“In terms of educational conferences, it was a very different conference from what I’m used to,” she said. “There were a number of pitches, and the investors were given time to speak to people and pose and answer questions after hearing them. Even though my company isn’t looking for an investor right now, I’ve learned a lot.”
Uni-SPIRE is Dr. Powell’s startup, which offers innovative software to teachers that analyzes students’ writing abilities and gives them instructions on how to fix issues or improve their writing. It’s focused on a “writing continuum” she formed after years of working in education and seeing the difficulties teachers face while trying to create writing curricula.

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