Nuance omnipage pro

Nuance omnipage pro

Nuance omnipage 18 professional uk edition

OmniPage® Professional 18 is the quickest and most accurate way to turn paper, PDF files, and forms into files that you can edit in your favorite PC applications or save to a document repository. To simplify all of your conversion needs, we combine superior accuracy and formatting with simple workflow technology. OmniPage is capable of digitizing paper, creating batches of PDF files, and collecting data from filled electronic formats. OmniPage is the ideal option for businesses of all sizes because of its tempo, efficiency, and features.
The continued use of paper today slows down businesses and often results in “knowledge leisure.” This not only wastes employees’ time by forcing them to recreate information from existing paper forms or searching for lost papers, but it also reduces overall efficiency and profitability.
OmniPage® Professional 18 is the solution. This cutting-edge solution helps you to easily convert paper, PDF files, and forms into documents that you can edit on your PC or store in a document repository. It’s the ideal option for companies of all sizes, thanks to its excellent precision, batch processing, and robust network features.

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If you’re still using OmniPage Pro 15, we strongly encourage you to update to OmniPage Pro 17, which contains substantial changes to the application’s design and ease of use, as well as advanced functionality. However, if you already own OmniPage Pro 16, you should wonder whether this latest version has enough new features to warrant the upgrade. Although OmniPage Pro 17 is specifically aimed at workgroups, network users, and other office settings, Nuance also offers a basic (less advanced) version that may be a better match for individuals and small businesses.
OmniPage Professional 17 from Nuance features a range of small but important improvements over the previous version of this efficient optical character recognition program. We tested a shipping version (in conjunction with a Canon CanoScan LiDE 200 scanner) and were able to successfully convert a variety of documents into editable text and PDF files, ranging from plain, one-column formats to detailed, magazine-style pages. With the exception of a few minor typos, the OCR process was nearly flawless, and we were able to quickly correct them using Omnipage Pro 17’s built-in proofreading and text editing tools. Omnipage Pro 17 achieved a 99.9% accuracy rate in one test that included scanning a book chapter, with just 11 errors out of 11,175 characters. According to Nuance, OmniPage Pro 17 is faster and more reliable than version 16, but we didn’t find any major changes in error rates when converting some of the same test documents because the previous version we tested already had a very high accuracy rate.

Nuance omnipage professional 18

With the OmniPage specialist 18, the best just got better! Improved OCR speed, accuracy, and efficiency. The OmniPage skilled 18 update adds new features and updates to the platform, allowing you to save time and money while increasing overall productivity. If you’re an existing OmniPage customer or searching for a new document imaging solution, the OmniPage technical 18 is the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.
When you first launch OmniPage, you’ll see options to open or scan documents, open OmniPage Project Documents, and use pre-programmed workflows to convert your documents from one format to another in one simple step.
The new eDiscovery Assistant for searchable PDF is a game-changer when it comes to securely translating a single PDF or a batch of PDFs of any kind into fully searchable documents. You no longer have to open PDF files one at a time or rely on an OCR mechanism that could accidentally obliterate important data.
The text and diagrams can be enhanced for optimal readability when whiteboard material is recorded with a digital camera. Auto-crop pages to detect and minimize margins; use the punch hole remover and border tools to establish clean page borders without scanning shadows or marginal notes.

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