Note 4 pictures

Note 4 pictures

Samsung galaxy note 4 review!

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is a mobile/tablet hybrid that was released in September 2014 for customers who couldn’t decide between the two. The Galaxy Note 4 is physically bigger and has a larger screen than the Galaxy S6 Edge, but it has the same 2560x1440px resolution and 16MP rear camera as its smartphone sibling. The Galaxy Note 4 performs well in our industry-standard image quality evaluations, making it a strong competitor for smartphone photographers.
Samsung smart devices now hold the top two positions in the rankings, only behind its smaller brother, the Galaxy S6 Edge, which is currently in first place with 86 points. The new image quality results drive the previous winners, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, down to third and fourth position, respectively, with an overall joint score of 82. It’s a result that will put a smile on Samsung executives’ faces.
With the Galaxy S5 having previously been the best-performing mobile computer, Samsung and Apple are fighting it out at the top of the leader board to see who can knock the other out. Unlike the recently-tested S6 Edge, which scored higher in photos than video (88 to 84), the Galaxy Note 4 is more consistent between the two mediums, with sub-scores of 84 for photos and 83 for video.

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The Note 4 has consistently ranked first in our mobile camera comparisons since its publication, and for good reason. The phablet scores some of the most stunning pictures we’ve seen from a cell phone, with rarely a weak spot when it comes to dynamic range, detail, white balance, or color presentation, thanks to its 16 MP optically stabilized camera – a first for Samsung.
It has rapidly become the go-to camera for those who keep it on them at all times, with some also posting proof of its capabilities as a handheld camera to Flickr and a dedicated community for Note 4 photography. As a preview of what we can expect from the Galaxy S6 camera, which is rumored to be even better, we combed through a few of the hundreds of photos and selected a few for your viewing pleasure. Here are 20 photos, along with the authors’ nicknames and links to the originals, in case you want to download them.

Galaxy note 4 vs galaxy note 9 – i did a basic camera

A few owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have reported that photos taken with the device are missing from the picture gallery at random. The picture, however, has been saved in the Note 4 memory and is not visible in the Android gallery. There may be a reason why your photo isn’t showing up or has vanished from your Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s photo gallery. We’ve listed a few options for when you can’t find an image on the Galaxy Note 4’s Android Gallery.
Restarting your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is normally the first step in resolving the missing picture in the Android gallery. If your smartphone has been reset, your Android media scanner will begin searching for new photos with each restart, allowing the missing picture to reappear in the gallery application.

Samsung galaxy note 4 camera review (with sample shots

The Note 4 is the most recent addition to Samsung’s high-end ‘phablets’ series. The latest model’s style is very similar to that of its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3, with a similar faux-leather material on the back cover. However, there have been major improvements under the hood. The Note 4 now has an optical image stabilization system in its camera, making it the first Samsung smartphone to have this feature.
The majority of the rear camera specifications are similar to the Galaxy S5, including a 1/2.6-inch 16MP BSI CMOS image sensor and an F2.2 maximum aperture. For selfies and video calls, there’s a 3.7MP camera on the front with a fast F1.9 maximum aperture. A selfie-panorama mode is included.
However, as you would suspect, the new model’s camera isn’t the only thing that’s been changed. The Note 4 features a new 5.7-inch 25601440 QHD display with a pixel density of 518 pixels per inch. Android 4.4 has a quad-core or octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM, depending on the area. Images can be saved to the camera’s internal memory of 32GB or to a microSD card. The 3320 mAh battery has a fast-charging mode that allows you to charge from zero to fifty percent in around 30 minutes. On paper, the Note 4 appears to be an excellent smartphone for mobile photographers who enjoy big screens and tablets. To learn how it did in our exams, read our in-depth analysis.

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