Norton unauthorized access blocked

Norton unauthorized access blocked

How to fix fortnite crash / norton issue

Norton 360 is an all-in-one antivirus, firewall, and spyware software that safeguards your computer against data-gathering programs, malware, and unauthorized access. Norton 360 can authorize or disallow websites from opening in your browser depending on your security settings while you are browsing the Internet. Although Norton 360 is effective, it can sometimes block a website that does not need to be blocked. You must manually delete the blocked site from your Norton 360 firewall’s general rules in order to unblock it from the banned sites list.

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Okay, that’s perfect. Thank you for your assistance. Is there an issue with YouTube’s servers? It’s hard for me to imagine that I’d be targeted by someone who has a lot of well-known craft how-to videos…but it happened the day before yesterday… I was watching some official Fefe Dobson videos when I noticed all these orange dots in my security background. The videos have been watched by a large number of people, so I would assume that they are safe…perhaps YouTube has something on their server that they are unaware of? Also, I followed some instructions I got a while ago: I disabled file and printer sharing, as well as making my network safe (since no one but me uses it, I don’t need it to be shared). I went back to watch the YouTube craft video, but there were no orange dots this time. Perhaps the hacker has retired for the night. I’ll keep an eye on the situation.
Thank you for providing the connection. Why did I get so many red dots when I was on YouTube for two hours (and they were all “open file” messages, not “blocked” messages)? Is there something about watching a video on YouTube that makes my machine more vulnerable?

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These events are caused on a continuous basis, once every minute or even every 10 seconds! As a result, it’s spamming Norton’s eventlog and making it difficult to find the more interesting content.
This appears to be due to their “Norton Product Tamper Protection” functionality, which is supposed to prevent Norton processes from being tampered with or shut down by other processes. It seems to be a little oversensitive because it won’t even let you get the process’s name.
Fortunately, it’s not too bothersome because it actually tracks these incidents (unfortunately, this can’t be switched off without fully removing tamper protection), but it’s still inexcusable.

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The wmiprvse.exe process is part of Windows Management Instrumentation, a central Windows management application that enables users to control both local and remote systems. Regular management activities can be accomplished using WMI and programming or scripting languages. The ability to remotely reboot a computer or manually initiate a process on a remote device are just a few examples. Views, querying, eventing, and remoting are only a handful of WMI’s capabilities.
The wmiprvse.exe file is used by programmers to build monitoring-related applications. These programs will send users notifications about important network, file, and device management events as soon as they happen. File managers in the enterprise can use wmiprvse.exe to configure and scan for desktop device information, as well as network and application information, across the network.
The wmiprvse.exe file is stored in the shared service host alongside other resources. With the advent of Microsoft Windows XP, this began to be implemented. Since it considers the wmiprvse.exe executable to be a host operation, providers are also loaded separately in the wmiprvse.exe format.

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