Norton mobile compromised network

Norton mobile compromised network

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On my iPhone, I downloaded the Mobile Norton Security app. My (HT2000W) network has been compromised, according to the app. What modem settings do I need to change to protect the network? To access it, all of my devices need a PW. Thank you so much.
Is there a “more” button or drop down when you get the warning that allows you to look at key details about the network that has been compromised?
If there isn’t, nothing is logged, and it’s a false positive caused by one of two things: “learning” the link or a new software update that hasn’t been thoroughly tested before being published.
Don’t worry if you don’t have any logs. If there are logs, it means the network has been compromised (which may be as easy as a native app that spoofs location). There isn’t a log or a way to get more information. I believe it simply detects the modem network’s weakness or potential. It’s worth noting that the same app indicates that another WiFi network, not mine but someone else’s, is stable. The WiFi is provided by a router from a different manufacturer. As a consequence, it seems that the app “understands” what it’s doing.

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Right now, I’m having the same problem. It says there is an SSL assault on both standard wifi and 5g, but nothing on my PC suggests that. Only the mobile app is available. This has also been discussed on another forum. I’m inclined to believe it’s a false positive, but it always makes me anxious.
I’m not sure how NMS decides whether a network is compromised, but in my experience, bad definitions are the most common cause of a mass false positive. Today, two new threads have been started on this subject, and at least 15 others have responded with the “Me Too” alternative.
This is particularly disappointing because the same issue appears to have occurred more than once recently. On the thread I found, there was no resolution – just hundreds of people claiming to have seen the post. Without a solution, the thread was simply closed.
Wow, it’s great to see that so many other people are experiencing the same problem. This message appeared on my Samsung S7 Edge about an hour ago. I looked up the message and saw that some people were having problems with ARP spoofing earlier, but I received the same SSL decrypting message as everyone else. I became concerned and began to believe that someone in my neighborhood was tampering with the KRACK exploit. I was on the verge of disconnecting my internet and sanitizing my laptop…LOL. The message went away after I disconnected and reconnected my router, but it reappeared about five minutes later.

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Norton Mobile Security used to have a good set of anti-theft features, including the ability to remotely lock, locate, activate a “scream,” take pictures, and wipe the screen. Both of these were started from the Norton web portal at, which has a simple gui. As previously stated, as of December 2019, all anti-theft features are no longer available. SIM card protection
This feature gives you a simple overview of your device’s protection based on a variety of settings and possible vulnerabilities. If any of these problems are found, the software will prompt you to correct them. WiFi Security and Privacy Report for Norton Mobile Security for Android (Photo courtesy of Norton) Wi-Fi Safety
This feature indicates whether the Wi-Fi network to which you are linked has any security problems, such as no password protection. You’ll get a button to switch on the VPN when you connect to an open network if you subscribe to Secure VPN with Norton. (It’s worth noting that Avast, McAfee, and 360 Security’s free versions provide this feature.) Document on Privacy

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Users may be exposed to mobile threats in a variety of ways. For example, people may download an app for a specific reason (game, information, etc.) without realizing it is doing anything else in the background, such as sending out geo-location data. Trojan texters and dialers have also been discovered. These are apps that appear to serve a different function but, in fact, silently rack up call or SMS charges to premium rate numbers.
Users of mobile devices can also be vulnerable to phishing scams. Since you can’t see the whole URL to make sure it’s taking you where you want to go, the risk of unintentionally clicking on malicious links is higher.
Norton Mobile Security can be installed on several devices without the need to pass licenses. Simply log in to Norton Mobile Security and install it on the smartphone you want to secure. The latest computer will now be able to use the service.
The Norton Mobile Security app will warn you if you exceed the maximum system limit. Customers may use the Norton Mobile Security portal to uninstall inactive devices from the Norton Mobile Security service and install new active devices.

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