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No url found

How to solve no app found to open url problem

Some vital applications, such as Play Store and the browser, are crucial to maintaining the proper functionality of Smartphones. Follow the measures listed below to see whether they are allowed or not.
Android has a feature that allows individual apps to open when specific links related to them are opened in the browser. However, if this feature is configured incorrectly, it can prevent the required applications from opening the links, resulting in the No App Found to Open URL error. To re-establish these preferences, follow these steps:

How to fix the request url was not found on this server

I know this topic has been resolved for some time, just in case someone else has this problem in the future. We discovered it when transferring a Docker container from a local Windows Docker instance to a remote Linux Docker instance.
It turned out that there were problems with the docker instance’s networking setup, so after attempting to fix all of the individual DNS and other issues, we chose to operate in host networking mode. Please keep in mind that this option is only available on Linux machines, and that the default ports must be open for it to function.

No app found to open url _.solve. in 30 sec

Internal linking is the primary method of assisting users and search engine crawlers in finding pages on your site. Internal links are the most efficient way of telling search engines about the relative value of pages on your website from an SEO standpoint.
When you come across orphaned URLs that return a 200 (OK) answer, you should be cautious. There are usually outdated URLs that should be removed or URLs that should be connected to but aren’t for various reasons.
This problem’s solution is context-dependent, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You must determine what the URLs are, where they came from, and, most importantly, whether they are returning the correct HTTP answer.
The next step is to determine whether or not these URLs can still exist. Maybe they’re old discontinued items that have been withdrawn from the website because they’re no longer available; in that case, they should 404 or redirect to a similar URL. Perhaps they are new URLs that have been released but have no internal links; in that case, they must be connected together to become part of the overall website structure.

Fix no app found to open url in android phone

I see this git -c diff.mnemonicprefix=false -c core.quotepath=false -c credential.helper=sourcetree every time I pull from github. —initfatal submodule update: In.gitmodules, no url for the submodule path ‘APP NAME’ was found. See above for a list of mistakes. This started happening out of nowhere. There are no submodules in this project. Only with source tree does this happen, not with command-line git. On MacOS 10.12.6, I’m using version 2.6.1. What can I do to fix this problem?
I also discovered a couple of posts where users seem to be experiencing a similar problem; you can read their responses here. There is no submodule mapping in gitmodule for a non-submodule road, and there is no submodule mapping in gitmodules for path.
Hello, Ana. Thank you for your answer. I should have noted that.git contains neither a.gitmodules folder nor any references to submodules. config.git I used the following commands to double-check: find. |grep bash-3.2$ cd.gitbash-3.2$ bash-3.2$ bash-3.2$ bash-3.2$ bash-3.2$ bash-3.2$ bash-3.2 grep -i odules config odulesbash-3.2$ I’m intrigued by the fact that this only occurs while using SourceTree rather than the command-line tools.

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