No technology sign

No technology sign

Interview with mark boyle, who lives in a self-built cabin

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I used to work for 10.2 hours a day until around a year ago. Technology dependency and tension had obliterated any semblance of harmony in my life – between work and home, or enjoyment and duty – over the years.
And, rather than being something that constantly triggers me, I changed the power dynamic to make it something I want to use – and when to use it. It’s fine to leave it at home or turn it off on occasion.
If you stick with these little adjustments, you might find that you can go hours without worrying about your phone even though it’s in your pocket. Hours spent on valuable, finite, analog tasks.
The number of items you won’t miss will surprise you. Then gradually reverse the power dynamic between you and your computer. Once a week, placed it in a drawer for a morning, then a day, progressively rising the time.

No tech, no talking: can i survive a three-day digital detox

The Gecko Single Pad (SP) Gripper applies Gecko adhesive gripper technology to applications with a minimal footprint that were previously difficult to automate. Without the need for washing, the gecko-inspired adhesive technology provides accurate, no-mark gripping, even for perforated objects like circuit boards or for shiny surfaces. The three separate Gecko Single Pad grippers (SP1, SP3, and SP5) operate with leading small robots and cobots and are named after their payload in kilos. Even in cramped spaces, the single-pad design allows easy access to the workpiece. The Gecko SP is a cost-effective, true plug-and-play solution that requires no electronics or air supply. Integration with the robot of your choosing is seamless.
Without the use of electricity or air, the Gecko SP gripper provides no-mark automation for smooth, shiny, and perforated workpieces. The Gecko SP comes in three sizes: SP1, SP3, and SP5, each named after the gripper’s payload in kilos and capable of raising a variety of flat, smooth, shiny, or perforated surfaces. Since the technology does not leave a mark on even the highest-shine surfaces, it removes the need for a cleaning phase in manufacturing processes, saving time and increasing performance. The Gecko SP, like its bigger brother, can grip perforated workpieces like printed circuit boards, aluminum mesh, and head gaskets.

What if there was no technology?

Signs stating that the area is a no-tech zone

Afraid of technology

Designed and built official-looking ‘No-Tech Zone’ signs in parks across San Francisco, urging people to think about how technology affects our lives and the climate.

Ford focus – traffic sign recognition


Mark zuckerberg & yuval noah harari in conversation


Camping overnight with no technology

The Guardian is a British newspaper.

Why big tech wants you to ditch your password

Residents in San Francisco are perplexed by a ‘No Tech Zone’ sign.

Milow – ayo technology (official music video – high quality

The Guardian is a British newspaper. “As an artist reveals his identity, more ‘No Tech Zone’ signs emerge in San Francisco.” “No Tech Zone Signs Appear in San Francisco Parks,” according to a KTVU TV interview. “Artist to San Francisco: Get Off Your F*cking Phone,” according to KQED. Quick Company is a media company that focuses on “You Could Get A (Fake) Fine If You Use Your Phone” Mashable is a social media website that allows users to “Someone attempted to declare a ‘no tech zone’ in a popular tourist destination in San Francisco.” Bay Area NBC “A mysterious ‘No Tech Zone’ sign appears in Alamo Square in San Francisco” NBC “A ‘No Tech Zone’ sign near San Francisco’s Alamo Square threatens violators with steep fines,” according to the article. SF Gate is located in San Francisco, California. “Through technology, the ‘No Tech Zone’ sign in San Francisco has gone viral.”

24 hours no electronics no technology / that youtub3

SIGN.9X6.40944 No Diving Pool Area 9 x 6 Metal Sign Graphics and More

No technology sign of the moment

Office Products’ No Diving – Pool Area 9′ x 6′ Metal Sign Office Products 9″ x 6″ Metal Sign: No Diving – Pool Area Indoor/outdoor aluminum sign, 9″ x 6″ UV-resistant inks are used to ensure long-term longevity. Mounting holes are pre-drilled. Graphics & More in the United States of America This metal sign measures 9″ x ” and is the right size for your needs. Pre-drilled holes on one side for mounting to walls, posts, fences, and other surfaces. It can be found both inside and outside. / / / / / / / / /
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