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No robots allowed

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The robots exclusion standard, also known as the robots exclusion protocol or simply robots.txt, is a communication standard for web crawlers and other web robots used by websites. The norm outlines how to tell a web robot which parts of the site should not be scanned or processed. Search engines also use robots to categorize websites. Not all robots follow the rules; email harvesters, spambots, malware, and security vulnerability scanners can also start with areas of the website where they’ve been told to stay away. Sitemaps, a robot inclusion standard for websites, can be used in accordance with the standard.
Martijn Koster, while working for Nexor[3] in February 1994[4], proposed the standard on the www-talk mailing list, which was the main contact platform for WWW-related activities at the time. After writing a poorly behaving web crawler that unintentionally triggered a denial-of-service attack on Koster’s server, Charles Stross claims to have prompted Koster to recommend robots.txt. (5)

Sonic boom – season 1 – volume 4 – no robots allowed uk

The next 13 episodes of the animated series featuring Sonic the Hedgehog’s adventures. Sonic and his friends Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks defend their home on Bygone Island from enemies such as the evil scientist Dr. Eggman and his robotic minions in this animated series. ‘Tails’ Crush,’ ‘Bro Down Showdown,’ ‘Late Night Wars,’ ‘Fire in a Crowded Workshop,’ ‘It Wasn’t Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedgehog,’ ‘Robot Battle Royale,’ ‘No Robots Allowed,’ ‘Fuzzy Puppy Buddies,’ ‘Designated Heroes,’ ‘Role Models,’ ‘Cabin

Newbie’s perspective sonic boom reviews episode 45 & 46

A robots.txt file serves as a gatekeeper for your website, letting some bots and web crawlers in while stopping others from doing so. A badly written robots.txt will cause crawlers to have trouble accessing your site, possibly resulting in a traffic drop.
Inaccurate robots.txt files can result in unexpected crawling behavior if you use a strict parsing process. The newer, more relaxed parsing avoids a variety of issues that may occur in robots.txt files. When the webmaster wrote the robots.txt file, he most likely intended for relaxed parsing.
In this extreme case, both interpretations yield the exact opposite outcome, suggesting that the relaxed interpretation is most likely what the consumer expected. You want to make sure that all parsings are similar as a webmaster. You will do so by avoiding the issues outlined below.
When things get more complicated, problems arise. You might, for example, address more than one robot, add comments, and use extensions such as crawl-delay or wildcards. Not all robots comprehend everything, and this is where things quickly get out of hand.

Sonic boom reaction series episode 46 offers a Robots Exclusion Checker.

(parody) everything wrong with sonic boom – no robots

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OverviewUse URL notifications to search robots.txt, meta robots, and x-robots-tag. HTTP header information, canonical warnings Robots tester is an SEO extension. The Robots Exclusion Checker is a visual indication of whether any robots exclusions are stopping Search Engines from crawling or indexing your page.
If you enter a URL that is affected by a robots.txt “Allow” or “Disallow,” the extension will display the relevant rule inside the extension, making it easy to copy or visit the live robots.txt. You’ll also see the entire robots.txt file, with the relevant rule highlighted (if applicable). That’s pretty cool, huh?
Any Robots Meta tags that tell robots to “index”, “noindex”, “follow” or “nofollow” will cause the Red, Amber, or Green icons to appear. Directives like “nosnippet” or “noodp” that won’t impact Search Engine indexation will be shown but won’t be factored into the warnings. The extension allows you to view all directives as well as any HTML meta robots tags that appear in the source code in full.

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