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No id events

No id events: bassjackers at stage 48

Ellis Cooper on vocals, Leon Andrews and Alex Temby on guitar, Eddie Devey on bass, and Josh Quirke on drums make up the five-piece indie band No ID, which was formed in St Ives, Cornwall. They range in age from 13 to 18 years old and have a mature tone that belies their tender years. Musically influenced by indie bands such as The Strokes and The 1975.
Their debut single, ‘Simple,’ was released in late 2019, and it received support from BBC Introducing and other local radio stations. The band has since released two more songs, ‘I Don’t Know’ and ‘Leave With You,’ which have earned over 30k plays on Spotify.
Since they were filling pubs and venues with Cornwall’s musical youth earlier in 2020, No ID’s local gigs have become a talking point. The summer of 2020 seemed to be jam-packed, with appearances at festivals such as Boardmasters, The Great Estate, and Tunes In The Dunes on the horizon.
“This is cool, a little old school indie for you. Make the odd little shuffle that you know you want to do. When brand new indie bands say things like, “Do you know what, I think we’ve done it lads, I think we’re ready to upload,” it makes me so proud. Then they appear in my life, just as No ID has.” Sarah Gosling is a BBC Introducing newcomer.

No id events : naughty or nice @ coliseum 12.22.13 recap

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Stage 48 no id & teen night events nyc

Teens in New York City will celebrate and gather for a rocking good time at events hosted by No ID Events. If you’re between the ages of 14 and 18, you’ll enjoy the shows that No ID Events brings to NYC because they’re all about delivering fun and friendly entertainment for teenagers.
No ID Events is a growing company with a growing audience that puts on shows and events tailored to teenagers. Via their large-scaled activities, No ID aims to bring teens together and inspire fresh and exciting memories while also fostering a healthy and enjoyable experience.
Year-round, No ID Events hosts a number of exciting events for youth, including bands and parties, at different venues. Go here to see a list of some of their upcoming activities. Tickets for events can be obtained by texting 718-986-4347.
No ID Events ensures that all alcoholic drinks are withdrawn from the venue prior to each performance. Water, soda, and energy drinks are the only beverages offered to teenagers at No ID Events shows. No ID Events hires hundreds of licensed security guards to track and protect each event to ensure the safety of the teens in attendance.

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