No apps can perform this action

No apps can perform this action

How to fix no apps can perform this action – android

TubeMate is without a doubt the best Android video downloader, but it is far from flawless. When upgrading TubeMate, a new problem that has been causing TubeMate users headaches is an error message that says “No apps can perform this action.” The developers, on the other hand, are aware of the problem and promise that a new update will be released soon to eliminate the error message. However, in the meantime, you can use this workaround to get around the annoying problem.
This new issue appears to be related to Android 10 OS, as users running other versions of Android seem to be unaffected. On Android 10-based devices, some features of the new TubeMate app – version 3.2.14 – aren’t working, but this should be patched in the next big update. The forthcoming update can be known as version 3.2.15, and it is expected to arrive shortly.
When a user attempts to update TubeMate using the ‘Check for updates’ option under app preferences, the error message ‘No apps will perform this action’ appears. Unfortunately, the only way to get around this issue is to import the most recent version of the software from a web browser and then install it separately. Here’s how to do it without losing any information:

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Problem: When I first encountered this problem, I looked online for a solution but was unable to find any useful information. Please cooperate with me if you have read the above question and understand the solution.
Problem: I’ve only recently begun to learn Android programming. I’m not sure that Android is compliant. I’m trying to figure out whether my Android has some form of compatibility, such as forward or backward compatibility. Just as with Blackberry, if I install the Android SDK 1.5, the app will run on any smartphone running OS 1.5 or higher.
Problem: I’d like to run the Eclipse JSF project on another machine using Apache Tomcat. The WAR file was developed by me. When I try to deploy the WAR and open my Facelet page in Firefox, however, I typically get the following error: “This XML file does not appear… this is the first time I’ve tried to run a JSF application without Eclipse. How did this problem arise, and how do I resolve it?

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Any of these safeguards, however, may become overbearing, resulting in errors such as “You need permission to perform this action.” When you try to open a file, remove a folder, or run an application, this can happen. If you’re an Administrator or not, Windows can sometimes lock down those tasks or acts.
This error has no single source, and the best part is that it doesn’t always happen in the same way. However, it seems to happen more often in such cases, such as when attempting to copy files, alter a folder/file name, remove a file or folder, or install a program.
In a perfect world, such behavior will go off without a hitch. This error can occur if you don’t have the correct security permissions, if permissions have been incorrectly changed, or if the folder or file is locked by a system service or process because it’s a critical file for Windows operations.
Malware infection or the use of such third-party applications may also cause the mistake. Even if you have an administrator account, you will be frustrated because you will be unable to build, change, or remove any files or directories.

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How to Fix There is no app associated with this file that can perform this action. Please add an app or build an affiliation in the Default Apps Settings tab if one is already installed.
Since you’re having too many problems, I’d suggest running a Windows 10 fix update (This is not Reset or Reinstall of Windows). All Windows errors are fixed, and all files, programs, and configurations are kept. (You will not lose any records, and backing up your files is a good idea.) A successful guide to performing repair upgrades can be found below.

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