Next contact widget

Next contact widget

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Enable customers to contact you directly from a widget on your Help Center using a contact form or Live Chat. We suggest removing the Knowledge Base Module from the widget you’re placing in your Help Center because customers can already access your Knowledge Base articles from your Help Center. Note: Adding more than one widget per page on your Help Center is currently not possible. Including a Widget in Your Support Center Install a widget for your primary sponsored language in your Help Center. To add a widget to your Support Center, follow these steps:

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As a Dynamics 365 Sales seller, you can communicate with your customers on a daily basis through multiple platforms, such as phone and email, without losing context or switching between multiple applications. The corresponding phone or email icons are displayed in your work list record and the Up next widget when an operation for contacting customers via phone call or email occurs in a series. You label the task as full in the Up next widget after making the phone call or sending the text, and then move on to the next activity in the list.
From a record in the My job list or an operation in the Up next widget, you can call your customer. The call is initiated using the contact’s business phone number. If the business phone number is unavailable, the call will be initiated using the cell phone number. If both the business and cell phone numbers are unavailable, the softphone dialer appears, allowing you to manually dial a phone number. A alert message appears if the contact has indicated that they do not want to be contacted by phone. You must mark the Phone Call operation as complete after you’ve completed the phone call successfully.

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One thing to note is that we’re using a tablet to add an Android touch widget here. If you’re using a smartphone, you’ll have access to more than one form of “touch” widget. You may add a contact widget to a cell phone to use the direct call and text message functionality.
3. Now swipe the screen to navigate through the list of widgets before you reach the Contacts widget. For contacts, there are three widgets available. The first choice allows you to open the contact in your address book quickly. The second widget helps you to make a one-touch call to a contact. A tiny phone icon appears in this widget. The third choice is to have the tiny envelope, which allows you to open the default messaging app directly while keeping the communication active. On the home screen, we’ll add a “Direct Message” widget. Drag the widget icon to the home screen by touching and holding it.
The main aim of getting widgets on your phone is to do work on the home screen without having to open any apps. You can add an Android contact widget to your home screen if you frequently call, text, or email your friends and family. We’ve listed some of the most common Android touch widget apps, along with their benefits and drawbacks, below.

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Select the languages you want to allow by checking the boxes next to them. You’ll be prompted to choose the title of the subscription form (optional) and the contact list to which the contacts will be added for each one (mandatory). Then press the ‘Save’ button.
The form will become usable after you’ve saved your widget language settings; contacts will be able to send their emails and subscribe to your contact list. See the next section for more details if you choose to obtain additional information from your users during the subscription process or customize the form / confirmation email.
When you click the link, a new pop-up window will appear. You can edit the available fields, the content of your validation messages, the confirmation email, and the “Thank You” tab on this page to personalize your subscription form.
You may change the placeholder text for the email address field and the text for the “Subscribe” button in this tab. You may also add up to 5 additional contact property fields to your signup form (for example, first name, last name, etc.).

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