Neat has stopped working

Neat has stopped working

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“Neat has ceased to function. The safe handle has been slammed shut.” In this video, I demonstrate how I solved the problem of NeatDesk crashing after scanning. Alternatively, I could simply shut down any time I opened the Neat software.
If Neat Desk shuts down or crashes every time you read a text, and you get the message “Neat has stopped working; Safe Handle has been locked,” here’s what you should do. This happened to me in December, and I attempted to resolve the issue using the Neat website’s Troubleshooting Section, but I was unable to do so on my own. In this video, I demonstrate how Neat’s Online Chat assisted me in resolving the issue in just 15 minutes. If you want to try the repair yourself, I’ll show you what the tech support guy told me to do. You should give it a shot, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll retrace my steps to find online chat help fast.
When I first used it in December, I was extremely pleased with the amount of assistance I got. In the two months after this issue was resolved, I’ve never had a problem with my scanner. My NeatDesk Scanner continues to impress me, but I’m becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the way the Neat company ignores customer email requests for assistance. As you might recall from my three previous videos about NeatDesk, I’ve been an enthusiastic supporter of the company and its product. However, my enthusiasm is dwindling as I continue to receive emails and feedback from my blog readers and YouTube subscribers who are fed up with Neat Company Tech Support’s indifference.

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You should possibly contact Neat Support at

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Neat’s MacOS support has been, shall we say, sporadic. The new edition they endorse is 10.14 (Mojave, 2018), according to their websites. There could be some ruses to get the drivers to work in Big Sur, but Neat would be a good place to start.
If Neat does not have compatible scanner support for Big Sur, and/or you do not want to engage in a subscription relationship, you have three options: use the scanner and software on a previous version of macOS that supports it, find another scanner solution that works on Big Sur with vendor support, or use VueScan Professional without the scanner vendor drivers.
While Neat provides a scan utility that works with Big Sur and their scanner, the issue is categorizing the scan documents, which is something that the legacy software does. They want an expensive cloud-based platform for that, and other companies that provide such software only support Windows.
Neat seems to have backed you into a corner. Either leave Big Sur and migrate to a macOS edition that supports the software that categorizes the scans, or continue and pay for their cloud-based software that categorizes. Alternatively, look for a scanning solution that does not charge the Neat tax on Big Sur scans.

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The Neat program will close if you press X or the Close program button (of course). However, if I switch the error window to the left, it appears that I will be able to use Neat 5.3 normally. I have the ability to scan documents and work through them.
This was a concern for me as well. I tried everything I could think of to fix the issue. I still had a mountain of receipts to check two weeks later, and my Neat program was still not working. The following is a step-by-step breakdown of what I did to resolve the problem.
Even if you uninstalled your Neat program, files and directories are often left behind on your device. Make sure the Neat folder is no longer present on your computer. When you reinstall the Neat software, if it is not removed, it will appear.
Note: Before deleting the Neat folder from my C: drive, I copied it to my desktop in case something went wrong and I needed to reinstall my old data. To copy and remove your old Neat archive, follow these steps:
2) Go to your start menu and type “C:/Program Files” into the search box. Right-click on the “Neat” folder as you scroll down. Select “copy,” then right-click on your screen and select “paste.” A copy of your Neat folder should appear.

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