Mysql no database selected

Mysql no database selected

Error #1046 no database selected [solved]

In workbench, I built a new database called test with one table called first and two rows of results. After that, go to Server > Data Export. I ran a database search, which included a check of the table “first.” Enter the file’s name and location to export to a self-contained file. I pressed the Start Export button.
Importing this file is as follows: Select Server > Data Import from the drop-down menu. Import from self-contained file; navigated to the place where the file I had exported was saved. Start Import: I got the error 1046 (42000)… no database selected almost immediately.
I believe that the export feature is missing some details that would be needed for a later import. The first example contains the first few lines of the created.sql file (Distrib 8.0.17), while the second example contains the same lines for another export file (Distrib 5.5.47). I have no complaints about using this file to import data. I should also mention that I can use Export Dump Project Folder to export the database test and then Import from that folder.

How upload a database to phpmyadmin — how to solve ** no

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#1046 no database selected php myadmin mysql import sql

Date: Monday, February 24, 2014, at 9:31 p.m.

Mysql – phpmyadmin – no database selected error message

Thank you for answering.

How to fix no database selected problem in mysql

I’d like to ask you a couple of similar questions:

How to fix #1046 – no database selected – error – 2019

1) I was asked for a username and password when I first started phpMyadmin in WAMP. I made the mistake of entering the username for my live site database, which I believe was a mistake. I can use this username and leave the password blank to start phpMyadmin. Is it appropriate for me to build a new username and password? What would I do if I had to do that? 2) I had not created a database in WAMP before attempting to import, so I followed your advice and went to the Databases tab, but it says No Privileges below the Build Database link. Although the download instructions said that everything will be set up automatically, it appears that I will have to do something to set up my credentials. But how do you do it? Thank you, IrvOptions is a collection of options for IrvOptions. •Quote•Reply #1046 – No database picked, according to MySQL, in response to an import error. Submitted by: (— Saturday, February 25, 2014, at 7:12 p.m. Okay, I set up the database in phpMyAdmin and began the import, but it timed out before finishing. Then I went to the MySQL console and used the source button, which got me a long way but ran out of time after 300 seconds. Is it possible to adjust the maximum execution time of 300 seconds? Alternatives include: •Quote•Reply #1046 – No database picked, according to MySQL, in response to an import error. Submitted by:

“no database selected” error during the sql file import

…in the drop-down menu above the :Object Browser: tab, pick the required database/catalog. Click the “Manage Connections” options under the SQL Development heading of the Workbench splash screen to define the connection’s default schema/database/catalog.
Mysql needs you to pick the database you’re working with. I think it was a design decision: it removes a number of possible concerns, such as the risk of using the same table names in several databases, such as a users table. To prevent problems like this, they probably reasoned, “Let’s make users choose the database they want.”
If you’re looking for a solution to this error while using mysqldump instead of mysql, try this solution that I found by accident on a german website and wanted to share with homeless people who have headaches like me.
Another cause of the problem in my case was that I was developing on local, and the root user didn’t have a password, so instead of -pdbpass, I used —password=, so my final command was:

How to fix no database selected problem in mysql

Since I’m not familiar with SQL, I downloaded MySQLWorkbench 8.0.21.

3 select database in mysql server

I tried the online course, and it worked well because I didn’t have to decide which schema I worked in. But, when I tried to inner enter, something went wrong, and now even basic commands like select * make me feel uneasy.

Fix #1046 – no database selected

How can I make MySQLWorkbench know the schema in which I work so that I don’t have to define sql store?

Mysql no database selected 2020

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Mysql no database selected on line

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