My skype account got hacked

My skype account got hacked

Skype hack safety & recovery by julie wolf

This guide will assist you in securing your Skype account if you think it has been hacked. It’s worth noting that Skype now manages users from Microsoft Live accounts. As a result, your Skype username and password are identical to those of your Microsoft Live account. We’ve written a comprehensive guide on what to do if your Microsoft account has been compromised. We strongly advise that you complete the steps in that tutorial before returning here to complete additional Skype-specific actions to ensure your account’s security.
Once you’ve signed in, To check the list of all accounts connected to your Skype, go to “Account Settings.” If you haven’t already, change the password for your Microsoft Live account by clicking on the mentioned Microsoft account (you’ll be redirected to Microsoft’s website). Look for any other connected accounts and, if any exist, update the passwords for them as well using the given links.
Choose a complex password with lower case letters, upper case letters, and digits for each connected account. Add special characters, such as a hash or an exclamation mark, if necessary. Make it at least eight characters long. It’s best to avoid using terms from dictionaries. Additionally, make sure that each connected account has its own password.

Skype account hacked – says password was changed – was

Several friends notified me over the weekend that they had received a suspicious connection from me via Skype message. When I searched, it appeared that I had sent a connection to all of my Skype contacts via Skype message that appeared to point to a Baidu website. Argh. What are the odds of this happening? I’m very conscientious about keeping track of my passwords! (Please accept my apologies if I sent you something!)
I follow the advice of Internet security experts. I make use of capital letters as well as symbols. At each site where I register, I use a different password. I just went through all of my passwords and changed them all. I hadn’t signed into Skype in a while, so I didn’t think someone had been watching my keystrokes. What the hell is going on here?
I discovered that the Baidu Hack is very popular and has been an ongoing problem on Skype for months, affecting several thousands of people, after conducting research on the issue on various forums such as Skype Community and Jukka-Pekka Keisala.
As I went through my contacts and sent people a message asking them to ignore my Skype message, I noticed that quite a number of them had sent me something similar in the previous months as well, suggesting that this issue is widespread. As a result, I’ve decided to write about it here in case you’re next.

My skype got hacked!

My Skype account was hacked/stolen by an executable yesterday. I made the mistake of clicking on a connection sent to my skype account by one of my contacts. After looking at the file, I noticed that it sent all passwords to an encrypted email address. The hacker quickly changed my skype password and recovery email address to his own, and now I am unable to use the pass recovery or log into my skype, which I have had for around ten years. All of my work contacts are stored there, and without it, I will be out of work.
I suggest contacting chat support and selecting Technical issue from the non-affected device so an agent can help diagnose and close the affected account or reset the password for you.
If you suspect that confidential information, such as bank passwords, has been compromised, immediately move to another device and change your password. Notify your bank if you notice any suspicious activity.
Thanks for the response; I was on chat for an hour this morning; the issue is that the hacker changed my skype email address, and the auto recovery will no longer allow me to try to retrieve it; I guess three attempts is the limit; it says to wait 24 hours and try again.

Skype live chat support for skype account

You’re not alone if you’ve recently got a strange message on Skype with a connection to Baidu or LinkedIn. I’ve got spam links to Baidu from six of my Skype contacts in the last few weeks, one of whom works for Microsoft’s PR agency and another who is a former Microsoft employee. Everyone were taken aback when they discovered their accounts had been hacked, and some thought they were safe because of Microsoft’s two-factor authentication. However, this was not the case.
This has been happening to hundreds of Skype users since at least August, according to a thread on Microsoft’s Skype support forums. Breached Skype accounts are used to send tens of thousands of spam messages before being locked and the owners having to reclaim their accounts. Hackers were able to spoof messages on Skype last year by using stolen usernames and passwords to gain access to accounts using lists of stolen usernames and passwords.
This year’s attack appears to be growing in scale, and Skype users may mistakenly assume they are covered by Microsoft’s two-factor protection when they are most likely not. Microsoft allows you to connect your Skype and Microsoft Accounts together to simplify sign-in and security. If you allowed this several months ago, Microsoft has kept your original Skype account password separate so that it can still be used to access the service with a Skype username. If your password isn’t safe or you’ve used it before, hackers may use it to gain access to Skype, bypassing Microsoft’s two-factor authentication.

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