My locker net reviews

My locker net reviews

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With your ineptitude this holiday season, your organization, in partnership with Printify, has legitimately made my business look like absolute garbage. In the 16 years I’ve been in company, no other relationship I’ve taken on has ever been so reckless and unprofessional to work with. I’ve already had to console and completely refund half a dozen customers today because you gave them someone else’s order, and that’s just the beginning. Since you bit off more than you could chew, it’s been going on for two weeks. I got a box of ornaments I ordered a few days ago, and half of them were not even my artwork. The other half seemed to be trash. Just two of the twenty items ordered were able to be sold. You should be ashamed of yourself for putting countless small businesses in this vulnerable situation this holiday season. To the rest of you, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AND PRINTIFY. You’ve been given fair warning.
I’m just going to say a few words. My shirt was oily, and after 10 minutes of wear, the print on the back of my shirt began to rub off. They just decided to repair the broken samples, not the whole patch, after we sent them pictures of our worn shirts. I was able to return the whole batch of shirts and wait for a substitute that had been fully healed. They declined to serve me, fired me, and hung up the phone on me.

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My Locker has a 1.48 star rating based on 33 ratings, showing that the majority of customers are disappointed with their purchases. Customers who are dissatisfied with My Locker often express their dissatisfaction with the company’s customer service. Among T-Shirts websites, My Locker is ranked 255th.
For my son, I ordered a face mask. I was completely let down. The material is simple. The solid red backdrop was not completely dyed. I’m glad I didn’t buy one for each of the kids, but I’m also glad I didn’t spend $25 on them.
For my son, I ordered a face mask. I was completely let down. The material is simple. The solid red backdrop was not completely dyed. I’m glad I didn’t buy one for each of the kids, but I’m also glad I didn’t spend $25 on them.
For my husband’s new business/birthday, I ordered a custom hat. When I inquire about the status of the hat two weeks later, they decide to cancel the order because “they cannot do the embroidery.” How come I can choose from their fonts and letters but they can’t do it? Is it because the letters came together to form words? If you want custom work, look for someone else.

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I have checked the business’s response to complaint ID 14209429 and conclude that this resolution will be acceptable to me. I’ll wait for the company to take action on this, and if it does, I’ll consider this complaint closed.
I’d like my money back. Reaction Monday, September 4, 2019 We apologize if the customer didn’t realize she was ordering print-on-demand pieces. The delivery time is in addition to the 5-day customization time. The following details can be found on each product’s concept tab, in the FAQs, and on the check-out page, right next to the shipping method selection: “Each order is custom printed and customized to your requirements in our Detroit, Michigan production facility. Items are usually completed in 5 business days, with additional shipping time required to reach your place. Development time for bulk orders of 12 or more products is 7-10 business days.” In 4 business days, the customer’s order was delivered. Customer Reaction 17/04/2019

Exclusive talk with mylocker about changing to aeoon, the nation’s leading manufacturer of 100% personalized school uniforms and team clothing, has recently unveiled a new division to support local youth sports teams and recreational leagues around the country. With over 100,000 online custom clothing shops in its scheme, is now the leading custom school and team gear manufacturer on the Internet.
Students, parents, coaches, and players can easily build and design personalized team uniforms and spirit gear for their local sports teams using has been a leading manufacturer of custom football jerseys, custom baseball team shirts, spirit clothing, and other team sports apparel for more than a decade. served mainly schools and school-affiliated sports teams until recently, but now any local sports team or recreational league team can build and design personalized team gear online.
“Our system has been pounded by local coaches and league officials for football, track & field, and baseball teams since our trial launch,” says Alan Bittker, one of MyLocker’s managing partners. “Every week, we open 75 to 100 new live apparel shops, with athletes, families, coaches, and fans from all over the world designing custom team gear and apparel for their local sports teams.”

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