My different username

My different username

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a difficulty New Bitbucket Server users sometimes mistakenly assume that the user who pushes changes to Bitbucket Server is the one mentioned in the Author column of the commits shown in the UI. Take the following screenshot as an example: Though “Integration Builder” appears in the Author column, the user who actually performed the commit, the user who moved the code to the repository, was “Test1.” CauseDiagnosis The user whose name appears in the “Author” column is the one who committed changes to the local repo before the data was pushed to Bitbucket Server. On the local Git client, the initialization takes place. In Bitbucket versions prior to 6.9, the Bitbucket Server user who moved the changes is not visible anywhere in the UI. Both the committer and the user who pushed are visible in Bitbucket 6.9 and newer. In most cases, the problem with spaces in emails is caused by LDAP. a decision Case 1: Your git config email address does not fit your Bitbucket server’s email address: This is expected behaviour, and you should configure your local Git client accordingly if your email address in your git configuration file does not match the email address in your Bitbucket Server user profile. You must update your Git configuration and commit a new commit if you want to see a different user in that column:

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You can associate an email account with a different user name than the one you use to sign in, but you must enter the email address of the account you’re trying to connect here:

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I’m not sure what you mean when you say your email address differs from your username; could you elaborate?
I’m having the same problem. The issue is that when using IMAP as a process, there is no way to specify a username. The username is said to be the email address. In our case, the username is NOT the email address. Is there a way to be asked for the IMAP account’s username and password?

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The solution in the top answer’s comment is a good one; it doesn’t require mapping a network drive and simply tries to access the directory with a different user account and password, which is exactly what I need. Here’s a quote from the comment:
…link to a network share without mapping to a drive letter using different credentials…: net usage server>sharename> /USER:domain>username> * You must either state the password or use the asterisk to indicate that you want to be prompted with this set of parameters…


My issue is that when user 1 enters hello as a user name and hi2 as a password, he is granted access; similarly, when user 2 enters hi as a user name and hello2 as a password, he is granted access. Also, even if the incorrect password is entered but the email address is right, access is granted.
Okay, that’s fine. So I took some time to write some code and thoroughly test it. I would recommend that you copy and paste my examples into your pages. You’ll also note that I passed $mysqli to the system; if your relation is passed globally, you can delete $mysqli from my examples method.

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