My data base software

My data base software

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We have built the largest internally compatible LCA databases on the market over the last 30 years. In today’s fast-changing market world, GaBi Databases provide a solid foundation for strategic decision-making.
We have over 15,000 plans and processes, many of which are based on primary data gathered during our global work with businesses, organisations, and government agencies. These datasets were generated from a database that had at least the same number of unit process datasets. Another 2,300 datasets are available as “Data-on-Demand only” content, taking the total number of datasets covered to about 15,000 in total (including about 1,000 complete models). GaBi Database has by far the most extensive LCI data coverage in the industry. Also included in the GaBi Databases are regionalized water and land use data that can be combined with your own regionalized data. Compliance and standardization in the areas of ISO, EN, ILCD, and EF have gone even further, and dataset-internal documentation has become more comprehensive than ever. The GaBi Databases cover a wide variety of sectors, including:

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As your database grows, you’ll quickly discover the limitations of a simple spreadsheet: unresponsiveness, long loading times, formatting hiccups that cause hard-to-find formula errors, and, most importantly, the rigidity of trying to fit various types and layers of data into an X by Y chart. When this occurs, it might be time to start transferring your database to the internet.
You’re probably reading this because you’ve run into some of these problems and are looking for the right software to solve them. You’ve already noticed that there are hundreds of resources available, ranging from free software to high-priced enterprise solutions. This is why we’ve put together a list of 15 online database resources you can check out.
Looking for a calendar view to arrange your e-commerce orders by date? Will you want to split your staff into departments? Multiple views, such as Table, Columns, List, Calendar, Gantt, and Type, are available in Infinity database software, allowing you to see your data from a different viewpoint, as well as filter, group, and customize options to show it in the most logical way.

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We ensure that all GaBi datasets are comparable by constructing them with consistent methods and boundaries, as well as common context data and models. This means you can combine datasets in your model without having to search for anomalies, saving you time and effort. To build your LCI models, you have two options: Databases GaBi
GaBi Databases are the world’s largest internally compatible LCI databases, containing over 13,000 datasets and 1,000 plan models. This is augmented by nearly 2,000 Data-on-Demand datasets. Sphera’s life cycle experience is captured in the GaBi Databases, which provide the most reliable Life Cycle Inventory profiles based on primary industry data to a large degree.
Use Sphera’s wide range of sector expertise to build the dataset(s) to fit your needs with our unique data-on-demand service if you need a personalized dataset not contained in popular databases. Since we may already have much of the data and model, our experts will create a wide variety of products and processes on short notice. Others, we will build from scratch for you, always fulfilling your exact data requirements. Find out more. Read this case study from Tata Steel to learn more about how other companies have used GaBi data from Sphera to help with product sustainability performance.

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You can build databases without the assistance of experts or the need for programming skills if you use a simple development environment. You may use MVD to build a self-contained database program for Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10. Simple telephone archives or basic accounting systems are examples of databases. Your databases can become even more complex as you gain more experience with the system and learn basic SQL skills. A helpful forum offers assistance with integrating useful functionality and comprehending SQL principles.
Your application generated with My Visual Database (MVD) will be a self-contained program in a folder in the directory. This folder can be transferred to hard drives and run from there, or it can be saved to other machines and run from there as well. Anything required to run a properly built database will be contained in that single folder. There are no additional third-party components or installations available.
This program comes with ten sample databases. Service providers, library inventory and patrons, supplies, student performance, invoicing, (marine) engine specifications, phone book, internet transactions, and commercial (paypoint)terminals are all held in these databases. These can be used as is or modified with MVD to be used in a number of other circumstances.

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