Multiple voicemail boxes on iphone

Multiple voicemail boxes on iphone

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A series of functionality provided by cloud-based phone systems is referred to as virtual voicemail. Digital voicemail systems, on the other hand, store your messages online and make them available from anywhere. Instead of dialing your voicemail phone number to retrieve your messages, you can easily listen to them online or receive them as email attachments.
It’s also a lot easier to manage the team’s voicemail boxes. Since a virtual phone system is hosted in the cloud, you can easily configure your voicemail distribution options, record professional caller greetings, and set up new voicemail boxes for each extension – all from a single online portal.

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If your iPhone voicemail box is continuously flooded with messages and you actually listen to them, each message is downloaded locally to the iPhone and takes up storage space. For most users, this is normally a small amount of data ranging from 5MB to 100MB, but for those who often send calls to voicemail and have a large number of locally stored messages, or whose message leavers dump a 15-minute rant into your voicemail, the size can become a problem. Fortunately, clearing voicemail from the iPhone is easy, and you can do it with a single message or several messages at once, so if you just want to declutter the iPhone a little, get rid of that long weirdo message someone left on your phone, or simply restore some additional storage space, it just takes a minute or two.
You can also remove several voicemails at the same time using a little-known multitouch trick. This is probably the easiest and most straightforward way to clean out your entire voicemail inbox.

How to customize your voicemail greeting on ios

Voicemail is a carrier feature, but unlike other phones, the iPhone does not dial out to voicemail. It plays the message directly from the phone, so sending multiple messages should be easy. I can rerecord a new greeting on my iPhone in a matter of seconds, so why can’t I just choose from a list of pre-recorded greetings?
I’VE COME UP WITH THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION!! I CHANGE MY VOICEMAIL ON A REGULAR BASIS AND NEVER HAVE TO RECORD TWICE!! This also fits with professionally crafted personalized voicemail greetings. This method will show you how to add them WITHOUT having to jailbreak your computer!! Using a headphone jack on both ends of an auxillary cord. You can get it from Radio Shack! (It must have three lines at the end of each 1/8 jack or it will not work.) Attach one end to the headphone jack on your iPhone. Connect the other end to the “other computer,” such as a laptop, desktop, or digital recorder. Open your customized greeting in your “other screen,” such as iTunes or a media player. While on the greetings screen, play your custom voicemail greeting on your “other device” and press record on your iPhone! Then, while still on the greetings screen, tap SAVE! And that’s it! You can now upload your own recordings!! You can now easily change your personalized greetings and upload new ones whenever you like in just a few minutes! I will save your greetings copies to your desktop for future use so you don’t have to re-record!! BTW, you can use the reverse procedure to save an already registered greeting from your iPhone!! Best of luck! Thank you, Host’s Edited Version>

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You can use one of our default greetings, customize your own customized greeting, or upload your own custom voicemail greetings in either the.wav/.mp3 formats with our Advanced Voicemail Function.

How to save a voicemail from your iphone | quick tips

Additionally, for accounts with sub-accounts, we offer you the option of sharing the same voicemail settings across multiple devices (global settings), configuring unique voicemail settings per mailbox (local/custom settings), or having some/all of your devices share your account’s default voice mailbox.
With the Voicemail E-mail Notifications feature turned on, you can send your voicemail messages (in.mp3 format) to up to three e-mail addresses to listen to them on any web-enabled device. For accounts with multiple voice mailboxes, you can set up voicemail to e-mail forwarding for UP TO 3 separate e-mail addresses for EACH Extension using our Local/Custom settings.
We also provide a Message Waiting Indicator that alerts you when a new voicemail message is received (via a flashing light on your screen and/or a stutter dial tone) as well as the ability to configure unique parameters (such as the length of time before voicemail initiates).

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