Multiple city weather widget

Multiple city weather widget

How to add weather widgets to the iphone home screen

Simply open the notification center and select Edit Widgets from the drop-down menu. Locate the weather widget in the left pane and resize it to your taste. The small has only the basic weather information, the medium has hourly temperature information, and the large has a multi-day forecast. Connect the widget to the list after that.
After some experimentation, I found that adding windsor ont (where I am) to a medium size widget and then choosing the small size for the other 6 cities enabled me to see multiple cities. You can still get a full forecast for FartingIsNatural by clicking the city’s widget.
I had a setup similar to jeffreythefrog’s, but for some reason, all of the smaller widgets migrated to the location of the larger widget (i.e. I have seven (7) widgets that all say the same thing). I’m not sure what’s going on.
But how do I choose the cities I want? giulia4492 wrote: The meteo abruptly moved to “Milan” about an hour ago, and I have no idea how to change it! Thank you so much! Choose “Edit Weather” or a localized equivalent when you Ctrl-click on the Widget. Use the search field or click on the city name to find the one you want from the list. Others have mentioned random changes, but I haven’t seen anything like that.

Samsung galaxy s10 / s10+: change weather widget to

Weather applications and widgets are already integrated into several Android phones and tablets. What if your Android computer doesn’t have one, or if your new weather app doesn’t quite fit your preferences? What if you want a more informative weather app that can show live weather backgrounds and up-to-date weather forecasts for several cities or states, as well as be visually appealing? If that’s what you’re looking for, you should give this app called “Weather Live with Widgets” a try.

How to display weather information for multiple cities on

The widget’s definition. This is an optional field that is only included in the widget dropdown section to provide a short overview of the widget. Go here to learn more about the widget dropdown feature.
The refresh rate is the amount of times the system checks to see if there is any new knowledge about the current weather. If weather forecasts change regularly, this is particularly useful if you have a Weather Widget for today’s forecast. The quicker it re-updates, the lower the hour rate.
If you want to see the forecasted day value on the screen, click “Display.” Most people can use a Text Widget for this because it gives more flexibility. Here’s where you can read more about the Text Widget.
Font size may be set in pixels, points, or Ems. When entering the size, you’ll need to define the measurement unit. 12px, 12pt, and 12em, for example, are all entirely different. If no unit is defined, the default is pixel count. Check out W3’s CSS page to learn more about the differences between these.

How to add more locations to weather app

Is there a lock screen weather widget for iOS that shows the forecast for two locations at the same time? I’d like to see the weather at home, at work, and at other locations at a glance.
It should at the very least display the forecasted high, low, and precipitation for today. If that’s helpful, I live in Oakland, CA, and work in San Francisco, both of which are similar to each other but have vastly different microclimates.
You’re searching for a single iOS app that displays weather for two locations on the lock screen at the same time? I don’t have a response for this specific situation, but the iPhone’s built-in weather app will display the weather for a variety of places. You can see the current weather for many locations at once, as well as the forecast for one area at a time while swiping back and forth to see the next or previous location.

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