Ms access themes

Ms access themes

Using access 2010 – create a custom color theme

I’m working on a database of patient records that I built with Access 2010. When I open it in Access 2016, the theme is completely different. I fixed it by saving the 2010 theme using the ‘SaveToFile’ method and then updating it in Access 2016 using Themes > Browse for Theme.. in the ‘Design’ Tab’s ‘Themes’ section.
I tried but failed to open the browser window with code. I tried using the following code to change the ‘Office Theme’ record in the MSysResources table from my Drive D: stored theme ‘My Theme,’ but it didn’t work.
You discussed the hidden device table MSysResources, but you may not be aware that you can edit the table directly with append or update queries. As a result, you might try replacing the.thmx file with one of your own.
The zip file attached includes extensive information about all 60+ device tables in various Access versions. It’s from a longer article on my website about the function and characteristics of each device table. Please send me a private message if you need additional information or a connection to the post.

Microsoft access 2016 reports: applying themes

On the control with the text in question, what color does it display for the fore color?

Custom form backgrounds in microsoft access – change

I notice that it is still using the lighter or darker options by default, and I have to change it in different areas.

Using access 2010 – create a custom theme

But, to be honest, what I’ve been working on isn’t entirely original, so your mileage – differ.
For example, in a brand new database, I chose a theme in which everything is set to black for testing purposes, except Light 1 and Light 2, which are white.
In the following format:
Gray is the backcolor of the header.
White backcolor detail (this is what is set in the theme.)
Lighter 50 percent for the text forecolor (seems to be a light gray.)
I have no idea why it behaves the way it does.
Maybe I’m expecting the themes to function in a certain way when they’re actually programmed to select colors in a different way.
When I build a new form with my theme added, the colors appear to be the same as the ones I mentioned earlier.
If I go into the property sheet of the form, textbox, or mark, I can then click […]in the backcolor/forecolor property to bring up the color picker, which allows me to choose from a large number of my theme colors.
The theme tends to be “trying” to find out good color combinations to use in specific places.
What’s the point of having to go into each shape and fiddle with the properties of anything if themes are meant to save time?

Changing the theme for forms & reports

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Using access 2010 – apply a theme to a report

I’ve installed Office 365 and when I open Access, the background color is White. I’ve looked in File, Account, but when I click on Office Theme, I only have two options: Colorful or White. I had the choice of using Blue Silver or Black in Access 2007.
Choose the Office style that best suits your needs. The Dark Gray theme has a high contrast, easy-on-the-eyes look and feel. The Vibrant style has a contemporary and new appearance. The white theme gives the appearance of a typical office. Find out how to change the Office style (read more)
Unless you can find a hack… and people have been trying without much success, particularly with Office360, where MS has complete control over any file and setting you can think of…
You have no choice but to complain to Microsoft, which seems to be unconcerned with end users’ interests. There are 22 pages of complaints in one thread alone in the Microsoft Answers forum about this specific “feature” for Office2013, ranging from 2013 to just last month, and there are several other such threads, including one for Office2016.

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