Most secure email reddit

Most secure email reddit

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More and more people believe in the story of so-called end-to-end encrypted email services like Protonmail or Tutanota. Unfortunately, those services are not as private or safe as they say, nor do they respect our freedom – both are centralized and require the use of their own software to get encryption; otherwise, any communication with other email providers is still unencrypted, just like on gmail (they can read everything that goes in and out of your mailbox). Furthermore, since Protonmail applications are proprietary, we are unable to review the source code and verify that they work as planned. Security and privacy are challenging at first, but well worth the effort in the long run, so there is only one technologically sound approach for safe email communication: TL;DR Use and support GPG email encryption by using an email provider from a country with strict privacy laws (basically anywhere in the EU). Let’s not be enslaved by marketing and public relations that create a false sense of security. There are 25 comments. 90 percentsharesavehidereport Voted up This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

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Protonmail is said to be one of the best, but I’m not sure if there is a better option.

How to create a tutanota email

I want anonymity and encryption for my emails, but more importantly, I want a provider who will not be too eager to comply with a government subpoena request for information.

Secure your email with anonaddy – email aliases tutorial

I am certain that you, as experts, will have some excellent suggestions to make, with even better reasons for doing so.

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Thank you so much!

End-to-end encryption in the browser impossible

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Grapheneos review: your best secure & private mobile os

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Best secure and private email services review – guide to gmail

Avoid! Does not remove sender’s IP address, logs last 1000 login attempts IP and useragent, acts on international court orders, and is unresponsive to queries. Since 2016, free 3MB accounts have needed simple application approval. Squirrelmail login is available for PP and TOS. To unlock your account, you must speak with help via Jabber. OpenPGP, address book, and filters are all included. Support for subaddressing. Yeah, with greylisting. Spamfilter: 2 GB of storage Attachments can be up to 25 MB in size.
There is a directory of all recognized programs. If you know of any others who should be on this list, please write a new post about them or include a link to their website. We’ll do our utmost to keep this list as current as possible.
Other good (even better!) messaging systems that can be used for reliable and private communications than email exist. See’s Secure Messaging Scorecard for a short overview of software that makes this possible.
ChatSecure is better on your “mobile phone” (DO NOT USE CHATSECURE), but if you’re connecting to IRC, XMPP, or some other form of instant messaging server on a normal device, Gajim or are the programs to use. There’s a good guide to setting up Pidgin at (though it’s not strictly for jabber use). It includes images, which can be helpful. The following is a reprint of a pastebin text-only guide, which has been edited:

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ProtonMail is a common encrypted email service that respects your privacy. They have a free tier, which I am currently using. If I commit, I’ll upgrade to their premium membership. It’s really cheap, has a lot of extra features, and helps a good cause.
If you don’t mind switching e-mail providers, Protonmail, which also has a web client and encrypts your emails on the server so no one can read them, is a good option. Criptext is another alternative, but it stores all of your emails on your computers, so if you lose your devices, you’ll lose all of your emails as well.
For messaging, you can use Signal or Keybase, both of which are quite common. Both of these services encrypt messages to avoid interception and attempt to mask who you’re interacting with. However, whoever you want to speak to will have to install these as well, so you’ll have to convince them.
I’m pleased to hear you like the service and the app. When you make a definite point about something you haven’t done or tested, the message loses effectiveness for people like me who are trying to benefit from your experience.

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