Monetary unit of iran

Monetary unit of iran

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The most recent response for the crossword clue ‘Standard monetary unit of Iran’ was found in the The Mirror Quizword. Based on the articles we’ve recently seen, this clue seems to be a regular clue in the sense that it’s a NON-CRYPTIC crossword. Because it has appeared in more than one crossword publication but is not famous, we have given Standard monetary unit of Iran a popularity rating of ‘Rare.’ Iran’s basic monetary unit is a five-word term with 30 letters. This clue was last seen in ‘The Mirror Quizword’ on Tuesday, February 09, 2021, with the answer RIAL; we also discovered that RIAL is the most common answer for this clue.

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The currency has no official symbol, but the Iranian standard ISIRI 820 defined a symbol for use on typewriters (noting that it was invented by the standards committee itself), and the two Iranian standards ISIRI 2900 and ISIRI 3342 describe a character code for it. The compatibility character U+FDFC RIAL SIGN (HTML ﷼) is specified in the Unicode Standard. (#14)
The Iranian parliament has approved a plan to remove four zeros from the rial by replacing it with a new currency named the toman, which is the name of a previous Iranian currency, at a rate of one toman = 10,000 rials. This transition is projected to occur between 2020 and 2022. (15)
The rial, a coin worth 1,250 dinars or one-eighth of a toman, was first introduced in 1798. The rial was replaced by the qiran, which was divided into 20 shahi or 1,000 dinar and was worth one tenth of a toman, and was distributed as part of a decimal system in 1825. The rial, which was subdivided into 100 new dinars in 1932, replaced the qiran at par.

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