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Innovative technologies can alter the way financial services are provided, but they are only a means to an end. Fintechs and other banking disruptors have identified unique pain points and are approaching them with creative business models. Banks and credit unions who want to survive and thrive must outsmart their competitors at their own game.
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An interview in the MIT Sloan Management Review with Clayton Christensen, who was reflecting on his “Theory of Disruptive Innovation” almost a quarter-century after developing it, gave me pause. “Disruptive innovation defines a phase in which a product or service driven by a technology enabler takes root in simple applications at the low end of a market — usually by being less costly and more available — and then relentlessly pushes upmarket, ultimately displacing existing competitors,” he clarified.
The digital transformation we are seeing in all industries, but especially in financial services, is being driven by disruptive innovation. Many banking executives concentrate on the terms “internet” or “technology” when I discuss “digital transformation.” However, as Christensen points out in the post, technology is a facilitator, not an engine.

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The “Inspiring Fifty” campaign revealed the winners of the first Inspiring Fifty DACH Awards at the Digital Life Design (DLD) 2019 Conference in Munich. Elke Reichart, TUI Group’s Chief Digital Officer since February 2018, is one of the role models honored. The awards were given to 50 remarkable women in the technology industry. They are role models for future generations of young female managers, innovators, and entrepreneurs because they help shape the future through creativity and leadership positions within companies.
“The program has the potential to inspire more young people to pursue careers in IT and technology, preferably at TUI. As a result, I am ecstatic to be a part of and contribute to its success,” said Elke Reichart, TUI Group’s Chief Digital Officer.
According to PwC’s “Women in Tech” study, a survey of the young target group revealed that only 11% of young respondents could name a famous female working or having worked in technology, whereas more than twice as many, or 25%, could name a famous male. As a result, the study suggests that the visibility of accomplished female top managers be increased so that they can serve as role models and encourage young people to pursue a career in this field.

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“In my view, we’ve advanced over three centuries of creation. But we’ve had the 19th-century model of education, which is very curriculum-focused, peer-led, classroom-focused, text-based, and physical,” she explained.
“You could begin learning at any time, in any manner, and from any place. Assessments were more formative, and there was a stronger emphasis on individualized learning, digital interaction, and integrated online learning, according to de Freitas.
“I believe we need to take a very radical look at evaluation as part of this transition from more curriculum-focused and knowledge-based work to more experience-based approaches,” she said.
“A game is a perfect metaphor for this because in a game, you play the level, go through the various pieces, level up when you’re finished, and earn points and prizes along the way.
“I believe the form of appraisal is based on a far more optimistic psychology. And it’s less about concentrating on a specific piece of knowledge you need to learn and more about comprehending, witnessing, and engaging in a given environment,” she said.

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Employers were pushed into crisis mode by the 2020 pandemic, which included sending staff home, implementing innovative technologies and techniques to bring virtual teams together, and negotiating new ways to engage consumers in a homebody economy. We’ve now moved on to the next stage of the “new standard.” Vaccine rollouts won’t guarantee protection in the short term, but it’s obvious that in the next six months, our planet will be at least moderately safer. Knowing this, talent leaders must envision the future workplace, as well as the new technology channels and devices that will aid in reuniting dispersed teams.
How quickly things have changed. Early in the year 2020, high-growth corporations were competing head-to-head to see who could build the most spacious, eye-popping campus for their workers. REI famously boasted that it was creating the “most outdoorsy HQ ever”… a campus that was “like a summer camp for grownups.” The 8-acre site is up for sale by REI only a few years later, and the company’s chief customer officer admitted, “If I look at what we’ve seen and learned in the four years since, [it’s that] collaboration can happen in a lot of different ways and doesn’t necessarily involve a single venue.”

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