Mind if i roll need

Mind if i roll need

Mind if i roll need?

The thing is, when green boes drop, everybody will roll greed, and everyone who rolls need on them to vendor/AH will be considered a douche. If something important, such as Edgemaster’s Handguards (worth more than an awesome mount), drops, everyone in the group will roll for it so they can go after the money, even if anyone in the group really needs it. This happened to me recently on a “unofficial server,” when Edgemaster’s fell in Maraudon, and I immediately said, “I’m rolling need and will equip it right away.” I lost it when someone else in the party said, “OK, everybody just roll need.” I was devastated, so I didn’t whine. When a certain amount of gold enters the picture, it appears that greed triumphs over need. On the same server, it was popular to roll greed on greens as well, so it wasn’t as though there was some sort of mindset that all boes were needed.
If anyone needs a Righteous Orb or Teebu’s Blazing Longsword, there will be no “OMG NINJA LOOTER” drama. The winner of the roll will then choose whether or not to sell or give the item to anyone who claims to actually “use” it.

The story of loot hoarder [hearthstone lore]

Blizzard Entertainment is most definitely a name you’ve heard of or are familiar with. StarCraft, Warcraft, and World of Warcraft are some of their most well-known achievements in the gaming industry. Blizzard excels at two things: creating highly addictive strategy games and persuading consumers to open their wallets eagerly.
Recently, Blizzard decided to branch away from its regular genres and try its hand at Hearthstone, an online card game focused on the Warcraft mythology. The company’s reputation alone enticed me to try the game, and I’m glad I did. Hearthstone is everything I’ve ever wanted in an online card game, and Blizzard nailed the model on the first try. The game is a hybrid of Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is easy to understand, but mastering it requires complex techniques and regular decision-making.
Although I enjoy Hearthstone and its depth, I keep returning to the same question: “Why can’t PTCGO be this good?” Why can’t PTCGO do the same with an existing following if Blizzard can build a game from the ground up and attract thousands of players from all over the world in a short period of time? What makes Hearthstone so famous and PTCGO so unpopular? These are the questions I want to answer today when looking at what Hearthstone has done well and what PTCGO can emulate.

Roll greed – nlss loot hoarder highlights (suggested by

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Mind if i roll need?

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This minion’s stats are below average for its expense, but it compensates with the ability to draw cards. The Loot Hoarder is perfect for aggressive early-game decks, since it forces opponents to spend mana/cards to kill it, allowing you to rotate through your deck more quickly.
The Loot Hoarder has more Attack than the Novice Engineer, but lacks the ability to draw cards right away (barring self-damage to the Loot Hoarder). Silence or turn effects may also be used to remove the Deathrattle.

Today in hearthstone ep. 420 mind if i roll need

When you’re in a party, I was just wondering if it’s okay to roll need on blue things. I’m having a hard time getting cloth as a drop, so I’m wondering if it would be impolite of me to roll for a robe or something cloth for my mage?
No, it’s not wrong to do so, but it’s usually considered good practice to ‘ask’ whether it’s okay with others.’ I agree with Judela. I’ve never heard someone say “no, it’s not okay,” but it’s always good game etiquette.
It is a nono to ninja by needing things you don’t need in order to sell them on AH. Just need what you need and you’ll be fine. I don’t see why you shouldn’t need it if a clothie drops for a mage with better stats and equipment than your current armor. I used to always ask when I was a lvl 35-40 hunter if I could need mail items that I could wear on lvl 40, and 99 percent of the time it wasn’t an issue.

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