Messed up pictures

Messed up pictures

Perfectly timed photos that will mess with your head

I upgraded to iOS 5 when it was first released, and today I took a picture and went to look at it, only to discover that the last 15 or so photos in my Pictures folder were fuzzy and pixelated. Also, when I opened the last few frames, they were all grey. I tried restarting my computer, closing and reopening the window, and syncing my phone with no luck. However, I was able to move the images from the phone to iPhoto and they seem to be in good condition. I began to restore my phone, but my machine froze, forcing me to shut it down. I was going to contact the support community, but they don’t have an email address for iPhone support. So I’d have to take the Express Lane, but because my iPhone isn’t protected by Apple’s free 90-day customer service, I’d have to pay for the “single incident.” I don’t like having to pay for help for my phone because the issue was triggered by the latest update. Anyway, I apologize for ranting. Any assistance you might offer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

Photos that will mess with your mind

However, some of the strange and messed-up stuff on the internet are simply unavoidably fascinating; whether they are amusing, horrific, or just plain bizarre, there is something in most of us that is drawn to the unusual.
1. “I just took my first street photography photo in which someone spontaneously stepped into frame and vomited.”
nick wons on Reddit
Nick Wons certainly didn’t expect his first street photography shoot to turn out this way! Even so, it’s incredible… but not in the way he imagined!
2. “1963: Skippy peanut butter and Hellmann’s mayonnaise promoted their blend as ‘together tremendous.'”
mknlsn | Reddit
Skippy peanut butter and Hellman’s mayonnaise once tried to encourage you to try them together. And, yes, I’m sure there will be a few people yelling, ‘You should try it before passing judgment!’ But I clearly tell those who are genuinely troubled, “Not a chance.”

Messing up people’s instagram food pics

We’re all aware that the internet is a shady, shady location. It’s full of bad advice, false information, cursing, smut, and con artists. And if all of that isn’t enough to stop you, there’s nothing quite like a disturbing picture of a gross body part to put you off…
Before we get started, keep in mind that we’re not talking about THOSE kinds of body parts, so keep your expectations down.
You shouldn’t be loitering in the gutter unless you’re a drunk, a fallen celebrity, or a child-murdering clown.
The bottom of the puppy. Look at this messed-up nonsense. First and foremost, what kind of lunatic takes a picture of their dog from this vantage point? The poor thing just wants to lay around, stink up the house, and eat as much as its foul doggy gums can handle.
What do you think of these? Do you think you should eat these? You should possibly ignore the icing because they look like delicious macarons. At least until you recognize the skin-like texture when munching on those puckered anus-mouthed little member-berry faces.
This is another choice. Seriously, how could anything like this happen? Hair shouldn’t grow there in the first place, much less get trapped there and ingrown. Also, why hasn’t this unfortunate person taken action? You must be able to pluck that now!

Ironic photos where people totally messed up their job

It seems to be completely fucked up. I can see the picture preview, but when I open it, all I see are bars of color. When I tried to upload it here to show you guys, it said framing was prohibited and refused to let me do so. Is there someone who knows how to repair it? Since they are all wedding pictures, I would greatly appreciate it.
The duplicate query, on the other hand, neither answers nor solves my problem. The photos are entirely different when you open your eyes and look. My picture is totally fucked up, and the other one isn’t half bad. So, if you’re going to label it as duplicate, make sure the other query has a SOLUTION TO MY PROBLEM.
Do you have access to the photos’ original source (ideally the camera’s memory card)? If that’s the case, double-check the photos in there and copy them again; this is the most likely approach to work.
There is, however, no guarantee of success. It all depends on how badly the files have been destroyed. If only a single bit was flipped, an analysis of the picture would be able to detect and fix it, but if the harm is greater, little can be done.

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