Meetup louisville ky

Meetup louisville ky

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Meetup, an online community that allows you to find events and meet people offline who share your interests, has revealed that it will be experimenting with a new payment system that will charge users to RSVP for an event. According to The Verge, the company started testing this last month and has been charging a subset of users $2 just to claim they’re going to a case. Some members of the Meetup community have been frustrated by the move.
WeWork bought Meetup in 2017, and the company has been dogged by its dubious business model, a failed IPO, and the ongoing backlash from its disgraced former CEO’s divisive leadership. WeWork is experiencing financial difficulties and is considering laying off thousands of workers.
For now, I’m going to name it “MeetingPlace,” and I’ve set up a really basic landing page here: iAtFNPgwzd Enter your email address to receive updates and to learn about the features you’ll need to move your party away from — 15 October 2019 Chris Achard (@chrisachard)

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Design as a technical craft, strategic advantage, and critical cultural power is promoted by AIGA. We put together practitioners, fans, and patrons to strengthen the voice of design and build the vision for a common future as the world’s largest group of design advocates.
Understanding how to successfully apply AI solutions will add value to companies and consumers as AI becomes more integrated into our daily lives. The AI Consortium, Business Perspectives, and Microsoft Azure AI Use Cases will all be covered.
Developers are still on the lookout for new information. Design books, sadly, can be dry and repetitive. Friends, on the other hand, are a lot of fun. This community tries to tackle boring development books in a social learning environment by assigning code challenges to the chapters.
DevSecHops Louisville is a casual networking community for IT professionals in Louisville who want to participate in fun and engaging activities. Please join us for a few cold ones if you’re an engineer, IT, or InfoSec enthusiast at any career stage interested in networking with a local group of like-minded DevOps, Security, Networking, and Cloud engineers.

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Have you recently relocated to the Louisville area? People in Louisville are nice, but it can be difficult to make new friends, as it is everywhere. This, however, does not have to be a deterrent. Check out the six tips below for using to make new friends.
On, there are Meetups for almost any activity or pastime that a person might ever want to pursue; and if there aren’t any, a person can easily create their own one. It is a good idea for someone to think about their interests and some of the things they have always wanted to do before joining any Meetup. If anyone loves being outside, for example, a hiking Meetup can be a great way to meet new people who share their passion for the outdoors and nature.
If a person attends their first Meetup with a friend or relative, the activity will not appear as daunting. But keep in mind that you’ll need to break away from your pacifier-friend at some point. Attending new Meetups is about meeting new people, not about going to community events to spend time with the same one mate.

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Lizzy has co-founded two companies and two meetup groups. Her primary area of interest is real estate investment. She is a co-owner of a single-family wholesaling business as well as a Multifamily Investment Company that focuses on the Louisville, KY market. Lizzy brings her youthful enthusiasm (and enjoyment of talking) to the task of making the requisite connections.
Her first local meetup group, a women’s entrepreneur group, has expanded to over 150 members and continues to add considerable value to her activities. She is a major thinker who enjoys developing relationships and encouraging those around her. Attend a Meetup in Louisville.
Chase considers himself to be a real estate aficionado! He is a real estate aficionado! Both his Single and Multifamily Investment Companies are co-owned by him, and he is actively involved in both. In the single-family company, he is in charge of acquisitions, but he also enjoys numbers and is our underwriting specialist. His target for this year in MF is to get 500+ doors.
Chase surrounds himself with people who are better at the stuff at which he aspires to succeed. Whether it’s business, meditation, reading, or ways to give back, there’s something for everyone. He is enthusiastic about teaching others what he has learned in order to help them develop.

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