Mediacom dns server addresses

Mediacom dns server addresses

Mediacom ip address

Right-click the Start menu in Windows 10 and select Command Prompt (or Windows PowerShell — either will suffice). Click Start, then All Programs, then Accessories, and finally Command Prompt in most other versions of Windows.
In my case, I have two IPv6 addresses (those with colons between the numbers – “:”) and one IPv4 address (those with intervals between the numbers – “.”). The first three point to my router ( is also the “gateway address,” which is a hint). The third, fourth, and fifth addresses all point to external DNS services.

How to change dns on mediacom router

It appears that Mediacom has a history of DNS hijacking:

Opendns… opic=911.0 opic=911.0 opic=911.0 opic=911.0 opic=911.0 opic=911.0

Dns codes for my area


Best dns servers

If you don’t trust Mediacom, I recommend setting up an alternate DNS provider in your router or Network Link settings.

Mediacom dns server not responding

However, I’ve seen rumors that Mediacom is interfering with this as well, allegedly using Deep Packet Inspection. Personally, I believe I will check out a new Internet service provider. Ben is the name of the character.
I’m not positive. This has only recently occurred to me in Safari, but I’m certain it will eventually hit Firefox. Mediacom’s staff were particularly unhelpful. They denied it existed or that there was something they could do about it.
The issue is that you’re using a cable provider that uses SearchGuide, which is a type of malware.
Using your firewall or iptables, you should be able to block SearchGuide on the subnet
Try OpenDNS if you have the ability to set your own DNS servers, as jscher2000 suggested…
There are a plethora of free domain name servers available online…
Benchmarking Domain Name Speed
“Determines whether nameservers intercept and redirect bad domain names” is one of the utility’s many features.
Ben is the name of the character.

Mediacom dns hijacking

The search domain on my router, a Technicolor cgm4231mdc, is, but the DNS server addresses are the right Mediacom DNS servers. I’ve unplugged all of my gadgets and rebooted the router, and I can confirm that the router’s DHCP packets are setting the search domain to
When I searched for information on this subject, I found that most discussions say that the router changes are caused by PC-based malware. I’m not sure what’s causing these changes on my home network right now, but I rebooted the modem with nothing connected to it, wired or wirelessly, and it instantly began assigning the incorrect domain again. Furthermore, the home network manager does not allow me to adjust or check these settings, so I’m not sure how I’ll be able to fix the modem.
Thank you for taking the time to respond. The dhcp service on our router currently provides DNS information to all of our computers. The information points to the right dns ip address (,, but the same dhcp service’s DNS domain is listing And when the router is rebooted and there are no other devices on the wired or wireless network, this happens. Even if there is/was an infected computer on my network, I’m concerned that the router has already been reconfigured, with no way to reverse the changes.

Mediacom dns issues

Mediacom DNS IP addresses as of October 19, 2014 (and why you should use OpenDNS instead) The DNS IP addresses for Mediacom are listed below, but you should not use them. I couldn’t find Mediacom’s DNS IP addresses online, and their tech support wouldn’t tell me, so here they are (for Quad Cities, Iowa/Illinois):
See all DNS Servers in the United States of America Please help me. Please consider making a donation to help cover hosting costs and keep the site up to date if you find this service useful for testing DNS propagation.
1/30/2017 Mediacom Gateway Setup Shelbu is following you. 18:32 on January 30, 2017. I’m attempting to configure my Hitron modem router combo to use DNS servers, but I’m unable to get past the Mediacom transparent access sites. Is there anything I can do? …… I’m trying to configure my Hitron modem router combo to use DNS servers, but I can’t get past the Mediacom transparent access pages. Is there anything I can do?
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