Math valentine sayings

Math valentine sayings

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These Valentine’s Day crafts are inspired by the tiny candy hearts that are popular throughout the season. These mathematical hearts have letters instead of sayings. Students are attempting to gather all of the letters in the word HEART or VALENTINE. They estimate how many letters they’ll need to draw from the bag before conducting the experiment, collecting and organizing data, and analyzing the class results.
This Valentine Quilt is an excellent way to round off a study in quilt geometry. Using just red, pink, and white paper, each student creates a 9-square paper quilt patch. Students may use a standard quilt pattern or build and call their own original pattern. Create a class quilt out of all of the quilt squares.
This art project uses colored paper and symmetrical positioning to make symmetric masks, reinforcing the idea of symmetry. For Valentine’s Day, use red, pink, and white paper, or red, white, and blue paper for President’s Day patriotic masks.

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Want to up your dad joke game while making your sweetheart laugh? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. We’ve put together a list of the best Valentine’s Day puns in the hopes that you’ll appreciate them as much as we did. If you’re looking for something nice to go with the funny love quotes you’ve been working on in your DIY Valentine’s Day cards, something humorous to add to your Valentine’s Day wishes, or the wittiest Valentine’s Day captions for Instagram, chances are you’ll find it here. We’ve got food puns (“love you from my head tomatoes”), animal puns (“you’re one in a chameleon”), and even science puns (“I sulfur when you argon”), so there’s something for everyone. We’ve got you covered with the best Valentine’s puns that will have your loved ones laughing – or cringing – all day long, whether you need a silly message of love to share with your friends, family members, or that super special person. There are also a plethora of punny Valentine’s Day jokes to post on February 14th. P.S. Looking for something a bit more romantic than this? Take a look at some of our favorite Valentine’s Day quotes. Food Puns for Valentine’s Day

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Math Munch is always a great source for interesting mathematical finds if you want to use the holiday to explore the intersection between math and art. This Valentine’s Day-themed post features Mobius strip hearts and mathy Valentine cards (featuring Sierpinski triangles and cardioids).
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make Valentine card art by interpreting, spinning, and scaling hearts. (While you’re there, take a look at their fantastic collection of Valentine’s Day science articles.)

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Every year, one of my favorite activity is making the kids write Valentine’s Day poetry using their math vocabulary terms.

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I’m not sure where I got the idea, but I decided to make the kids do it on a whim a few years ago, and I laughed for days at their imagination, so it’s now an annual tradition.

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I give them pretty much full autonomy over the task, allowing them to work in groups or on their own.

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Some students write true love poetry, while others go the opposite route and write break-up poems, which are typically very funny.

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The only stipulation is that they use 10 Common Core math vocabulary terms from 7th grade.

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Here are a handful of my personal favorites from the past 12 months!
You never know how long you’ll be together or the likelihood that they’ll be with someone else besides you when you fall in love.
The most likely case is that we will peak at a rate of 0%, but our love is currently at a percent mistake, and the pace we will be going will not be an ordered pair.
I will fly to the Earth’s roots for you, but you would only travel a fraction of the distance for me.

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