Marvel focus desk

Marvel focus desk

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Standing desks are becoming more common in classrooms around the country as a way to raise test scores, combat obesity, and increase student participation. Students who used standing desks had substantial neurocognitive improvements in executive performance and working memory, according to a new pilot report. These fascinating findings have attracted the attention of school leaders and educators looking for new ways to improve student achievement and well-being.
The Marvel Group, for example, sought input from real-world classrooms while developing The Focus Desk, a new movement-friendly device. The Focus Desk, which was created in collaboration with teachers and students at the Hyde Park Day Schools in Chicago and Northfield, Illinois, allows K-8 students to sit or stand at their leisure. The Focus Desk also has a number of unique design elements that help with organization, concentration, and workspace versatility.
Designers from the Marvel Group polled Hyde Park teachers and students for a wish list of features they’d like to see in a future desk. One of their top priorities, according to their feedback, was to have a desk that allowed children to monitor their movement without needing teacher assistance or disturbing the class. Students can easily and quietly raise and lower The Focus Desk with the touch of a patent-pending FeatherTouchTM lift mechanism, with no tools needed. The Focus Desk also includes teacher-recommended organizational features including integrated hanging folders, separate interior shelves for books and electronic devices, backpack hooks, and drop-leaf worktop extensions that can be raised and lowered as required. The entire desk is on smooth, sturdy casters to allow teachers to easily rearrange seating groups. The Focus Desk also comes with custom privacy panels that can be set up in seconds for test-taking or quiet analysis, then folded away into the built-in holder for storage.

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Standing has many health benefits, according to a report conducted by the American Public Health Association, including increased heart rate, increased calorie intake, various skeletal benefits, and enhanced oxygen supply.
According to the American Heart Association, one out of every three children in the United States is overweight or obese. Researchers from the University of Louisville School of Public Health and Information Sciences and Texas A&M University collaborated on a study that showed that using standing desks had a substantial impact on students’ body mass index (BMI).

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The Marvel Focus Pneumatic Sit-to-Stand Desk XT will keep your students alert and focused. This desk adjusts from 28 to 42 inches, making it suitable for students of all sizes in middle school, high school, university, and adult classrooms. The pneumatic cylinder lift helps students to raise or lower their desks easily and quietly without disrupting the class. A stain- and scratch-resistant high-pressure laminate desktop is supported by a solid steel frame that will last for years. The desk can be easily moved across the classroom thanks to two-inch casters. There’s also a steel tablet shelf that can hold devices up to 11 inches wide. Steel bookcase and side shelf are available with or without the bookcase.

Introducing a new sit stand desk – the marvel focus desk

Since 1946, the Marvel Group has been a leading American office furniture maker. We’ve been providing high-quality panel systems and modular desks to businesses all over the world for over 70 years.
When a need for Personal Protective Partitions for the Office arose, we were able to pivot quickly thanks to our extensive experience. Our development team got together, and the P3 line was born to meet any need we could imagine.
Students’ ability to concentrate has been shown to improve when they use sit/stand desks. Standing during class improves concentration and offers a non-intrusive outlet for natural activity. Standing at their desks allows students to expend more energy than sitting in a typical classroom. Students can raise the desk height in seconds with the Feathertouch Lift SystemTM, which requires no assistance or equipment.
The Original Focus Desk was created in collaboration with teachers and students at the University of Chicago Hyde Park Day School in order to create a desk that met both teachers and students’ needs. The Focus Desk includes a number of their classroom-tested suggestions, such as:

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