Malwarebytes your system is not fully protected

Malwarebytes your system is not fully protected

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Sorry for submitting it before I was able. I’m running Windows 7 Professional on an Acer Aspire 5733 with an Intel ® Core i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40 GHz and 4.00 GB of RAM (RAM) Operating System (64-bit) The Internet is distributed via satellite (if that makes a difference) I ran a complete search and nothing was found on my machine. MS Security Essentials was run and found nothing. Please keep in mind that I am not very tech savvy when answering questions.
(answer to question 1) Here is the license’s picture. But (if it matters), I bought these linces about 3-5 years ago. ( moderator removed) (answer to the second question) In MS Security Essentials, I added the links to the exclude files and locations. I just use the built-in firewall in Windows. If I need something else, please notify me and it will be downloaded. Sorry, but I’m not acquainted with the idea of a web filter. I use Firefox and have the “Do Not Track Me” extension installed.
The screenshot of the license/about screen was cut. That was needless. I was clearly suggesting that you search on your own. I only wanted to double-check that you had enabled your license. The reference to a “internet filter” was to see if your “antivirus” software had one. You already have Microsoft Security Essentials, so it isn’t included. But there’s no need to be worried about that. Please run the following threat and rootkit scans: Start the Malware Removal Tool. Click the Settings icon (top bar) > then select the **Detection and Protection** subtab, Detection Options, and check the box next to ‘Scan for rootkits.’ Scan Now >> can be found under the Scan tab. Click the Update Now button if an update is open. A Threat Scan will be performed. This message box can appear with _some infections_. ‘DDA driver could not be loaded.’ To allow the driver to load after a restart, click ‘Yes’ on this post. Enable for a restart of the machine. Follow the rest of the steps in this guide. When the scan is done, go ahead and press Apply Actions. Wait for the machine to restart prompt to appear before clicking Yes. Tap the **History tab** > Program Logs after the scan is over. Double-click the scan log, which displays the date and time of the most recent scan. **’Copy to Clipboard’** is picked. Copy the contents of the clipboard and paste them into your reply.

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I have the latest 2.0 Premium version and am unable to completely secure my device – see attachment. I’ve installed my license, updated it, ran a scan, and activated all of the security features. Can you assist me? Greetings Brendan is a young man who has a
I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Let’s get some logs and see what’s happening. I’ll check in on you tomorrow because it’s late for me right now, but please run the scans and return the logs as soon as possible. Please download and save the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool to your desktop. Notice that you must use the version that is compatible with your device. If you’re not sure whether your machine is 32-bit or 64-bit, you can look it up here. Then run this one as well. Build an mbam-check log as follows: Thank you.
The message “device not completely secured” appears on my screen as well. Nothing happens when I press “fix now.” I allowed Malware and Malicious Website under Settings, Detection and Protection. FRST and mbam-check.exe have both been run. The logs are connected. Please inform me of what I must do. Thank you so much! FRST.txtAddition.txt FRST.txtAddition.txt FRST.txt CheckResults.txt is a text file that contains the results of the check.

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MBAM has a red circle with a white exclamation point in the center as its device tray symbol. When I open MBAM, I see a red “Fix Now” box, but nothing happens when I click on it. “Real-Time Security” also states: “No protection.” How will this question be resolved? Your support will be extremely helpful.
Please notify us as soon as possible of the antivirus brand name installed on this computer. Is it McAfee, TrendMicro, Norton / Symantec, Security Essentials, Avast, BitDefender, Kaspersky, or a different brand?

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When you’re looking for antimalware applications for Windows, you have a lot of options. Malwarebytes is a common solution, but if you have other ideas or are simply searching for malwarebytes alternatives, you’ve come to the right location!
Another strong second opinion scanner for malware infections is HitmanPro Warning. To search data, it employs many detection engines, including Kaspersky and Bitdefender. To verify malicious objects, all files in question are uploaded to the cloud and compared against the signatures available.
The company performed comprehensive research into malware files in order to define the general characteristics (behavior) of malware. This study is used by the Hitman Pro client in its Behavioural Scan, which checks the device for virus activity or suspicious files with malware characteristics.
Along with malware detection, it also contains a browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge that can block malicious websites. The anti-ransomware, behavior blocker, web browsing, and anti-phishing features all have various settings.

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