Malwarebytes keeps turning off web protection

Malwarebytes keeps turning off web protection

How to fix windows defender not turning on

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If that doesn’t work, try downloading the complete installer for the new build from here and installing it on top of your current installation, restarting your machine if prompted, and then testing to see if the problem has been resolved.
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When the machine is restarted, the Support Tool window reappears, but without animation…the tool appears to be frozen, but Windows Task Manager states that it is ‘running.’ This condition persists until I force the Tool to stop, reboot, and re-run the Support Tool multiple times until it eventually fixes MWB.

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Web security has been a problem for, I’m not sure how long. You apply a patch, and it dies again ten minutes later. On and on, over and over. I understand that every machine is different, but isn’t it about time (you’ve had it for years) you either fixed it or started over with a new, less vulnerable approach?
This thing kept consuming enough memory to crash my computer, so I went into ctrl alt del and tracked processes, MBAM else something was hidden to me, used 8.5 million something, 96 percent CPU, wouldn’t let me turn it off, 5 consecutive crashes.

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The same thing is happening to me. According to the Windows logs, it began a few hours ago. I’ve attached the file after following MB’s instructions. I have faith in the ESET product that I use in combination with MB, so I’ve disabled it for the time being. I can work from my Linux computers, so this problem isn’t bothering me right now.
Strange things are happening. MBAMservice.exe is found, and physical memory increases linearly. Memory fall when I turn off MB. The memory in MBAMservice.exe then continues to grow!! However, I am unable to terminate the MBAMservice.exe process (access denied), and memory consumption increases. And when I disconnect from the internet, this happens.

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I wasn’t sure about following the instructions in the first post, so I was glad to see you did, but I was hoping for better advice than you’re receiving. If you browse at all of the old threads, you’ll notice that MB has you running around in circles, and then the trail goes cold with no resolution. ESET, I believe, is an antivirus program? I use Kaspersky Total Security, which is supposed to be one of the best matches to MB – I believe there are possibly some bugs. I was able to toggle on WebProtection by delaying Real Time Security for 15 seconds, but this also disabled RansomWare protection! Then I tried uninstalling and reinstalling a trial, but it still says it can’t connect to the service. I got a free program called RevoUninstaller to look for leftover files in the Registry after the uninstall, and it found over 50. I’m about to restart the download process. I would go elsewhere if it weren’t for the fact that I had paid for a premium license until June 2018. I’m crossing my fingers that Nikhils comes up with something. PK500 is a Pakistani currency.

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