Mag plus tutorials

Mag plus tutorials


This tutorial is 48 pages long, and it includes a step-by-step guide on how to make this lovely Mocha Pup. This one incorporates both wet and dry watercolour pencils. It covers everything from creating the underpainting to adding water to adding all of the texture specifics with dry watercolour pencils. This one encompasses everything from layering to moving tonal qualities to combining and glazing colors. This is a fantastic tutorial for those interested in trying out this fun medium. From the initial reference picture to transferring your image, explaining how to see the colors and undertones, to the techniques required to create the final image, I walk you through every move. This hard copy edition is a high-quality magazine-style booklet that measures A4 in size and has a lovely silk finish. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU ARE ORDERING Many HARD COPY MAGAZINES, THERE IS A VERY LARGE INCREASE IN SHIPPING COSTS WHEN THE SHIPPING WEIGHT GOES Above 2KG, SO PLEASE ORDER IN BUNDLES OF LESS THAN 2KG. WHEN YOU CHECK OUT, THE SHIPPING FEES ARE CALCULATED FOR YOU. To check your order, click the Add to Cart button, which will take you to your shopping cart. (To complete payment, you do not need a Paypal account.)

Mag+ tutorial (part one)

Inventory management and in-tank leak detection in gasoline, diesel, and a wide range of other licensed fluids are both certified. This in-tank probe solution meets or exceeds EPA performance requirements and can handle float kits with diameters of 2, 3, and 4 inches. The Mag Plus Probe with In-Tank Leak Detection is a long-lasting, high-quality device that detects leaks and water quickly and accurately.
A full fuel management system solution must include magnetostrictive sensing technology. It allows owners of underground storage tanks to see and measure several liquid readings including height, liquid temperature, and water. This leak detection probe employs a tried-and-true algorithm to meet the growing demand for accurate in-tank leak detection, assisting operators with regular, monthly, and annual enforcement management.

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Month after month, you’ll be inspired by the tips, tricks, and clever ideas in each issue. Every issue contains fabulous sewing patterns, expert tutorials, fun designs, and motivational articles. Love Sewing is the ideal addition to your sewing space, whether you’re making unique clothes, trendy homeware and accessories, or fun embroidery projects. Learn all about our #sewtogether pledge to always be inclusive, regardless of your form or skin tone.

Tutorial – how to add panning to layouts l mag+

The MagPlus theme was created with the WordPress platform in mind. Before we get into the theme presentation, we’d like to include some tools aimed at new WordPress users, but they may also be useful for more seasoned users.
In this part, we’ll show you how to set up your machine so that the theme runs smoothly. These are not absolute values; the theme’s performance is influenced by a variety of variables, including the host’s performance, server configuration, and visitor count.
This switch turns on all of the theme’s features (i.e. Demo import etc.). This measure is being taken to prevent widespread piracy of our theme and to better serve our paying customers. To trigger the theme, enter the following purchase code:
Before you attempt to install the theme, you must first download it. Log into your account, go to Downloads, and look for your theme. Select “Installable WordPress file only” from the drop-down menu after clicking the download button. This will download the theme’s zip file.
Make certain you pick “Installable WordPress file only” from the drop-down menu. You will not be able to install this zip as is if you pick “All files & documentation” by accident. Instead, unzip the file and look for the theme installer file inside. Fortunately, most developers clearly mark their files, making it relatively simple to locate.

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