Did you know that there will be 11.6 billion mobile devices in use by 2020? About 200 billion smartphone apps were downloaded in 2017. How is your district or campus adapting to the world of mobile applications in which students live? MAD-learn includes all an instructor wants to advise students about how to use mobile applications. MAD-important learn’s and interactive Mobile App Development curriculum empowers 21st Century technology literacy by encouraging every K-12 student to create an app from start to finish. MAD-learn prepares today’s students for tomorrow’s careers by introducing them to all facets of product growth, including ideation, planning, design, creation, testing, and launch, through the design thinking process. In today’s global technological economy, these basic and transferable skills are essential. Consider the expression on a student’s face when they see the app they’ve been working on for the first time on their screen. And are willing to bring it to good use and share it with their peers? For all student-created mobile applications, the MAD-store app is our version of the App Store. Download the MAD-store app to browse and use applications created by students all over the world. To learn more, go to the MAD-learn website. MAD-learn has a trusted partner in Education 2000. For more details and pricing, please contact Education 2000. For more information or to submit a quote, contact Education 2000.

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Summary: As technology advances, there is increasing confusion about what the future job market will look like, which is why educational technology company MAD-learn aims to transform students from customers to creators of technology. In this article, we look at how they go about achieving this target and why the Stevie® Awards awarded them a Gold award for their efforts.
Technological advancements and creations are growing at an alarming rate in today’s world. It’s virtually impossible to predict what the job market will look like in ten to twenty years, especially given the current pace of change and growth, and it’s this uncertainty that led to the creation of MAD-learn.
MAD-learn, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is an educational technology company that offers a mobile app development program for students. (The abbreviation MAD stands for “mobile app development.”) The program focuses on teaching students from kindergarten to twelfth grade the principles and tools of app creation. Students may use the software to create their own mobile applications. All teachers, not just technology teachers, may use the web-based platform to engage students in app creation.

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A product like a mobile app necessitates more than just coding. Graphic design, study, editing, and specific writing mastery are among the essential and transferable (commonly referred to as “soft”) skills. MAD-learn provides students with compelling reasons to create a tech-based product and opportunities to use a broad range of skills, all of which are closely aligned with ISTE student expectations, to create resources that can make a difference.
The Change the Equation Foundation has accepted this widely-adopted curriculum as a strong frame of reference, making the definition of app development more available to a wider range of students, what we refer to as “the other 98 percent.”
The method provides students with a powerful tool that allows them to quickly create content-rich, visually stunning mobile applications and see the finished product on both iOS and Android devices, allowing them to use technology development as a way of exchanging ideas with the rest of the world.
Students may work alone or in groups to simulate the production of a real mobile app. The design thinking process is followed by formal lessons with a variety of time choices (delivered over the course of anywhere from 12 to 35 hours). Each lesson includes formative assessments in the form of rubrics, as well as a variety of materials required to effectively deliver the curriculum to students in grades 3-12. The entire product creation process is covered, from concept to model, graphic design, viable content analysis and organization, testing, refining, printing, and marketing.

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It has been lauded as exceptional, dynamic, and even vital to career success by schools across the country. We’re talking about a design-based approach to mobile app creation that is student-centered and authentic. MAD-learn enables students to build and apply a wide range of essential and transferable skills directly compatible with ISTE student expectations to create mobile applications–even one for their school.
The Change the Equation Foundation has recognized this widely adopted curriculum, which serves as a strong frame of reference and makes the idea of app development more available to a broader range of students. Apps can be rendered with or without coding experience, and they offer a variety of scheduling choices (delivered over the course of anywhere from 10 to 35 hours). The design thought method is followed by MAD-learn. Teachers will use and exchange a variety of materials to successfully implement the curriculum to students in grades 3-12.
MAD-learn provides students with a powerful tool that helps them to develop content-rich, visually appealing mobile applications quickly and easily. Students will also use technology development to serve the community, solve problems, develop entrepreneurial skills, and share ideas with the world thanks to the program’s ability to easily see the finished product on both iOS and Android devices.

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