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Luke linus media group

Talking floatplane with luke lafreniere!

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Sebastian is well known for developing and hosting the Linus Tech Tips (LTT), Techquickie, TechLinked, and ShortCircuit technology YouTube channels, which have a total user base of over 19 million. He was also a frequent presenter of technology videos for the now-defunct Canadian computer retailer NCIX from 2007 to 2015. He is the founder and CEO of Floatplane Media. [two]
Sebastian was a product manager for NCIX, a now-defunct online computer store in Canada. The company asked him to host its technology channel, which was created to assist in product demonstrations. Sebastian was helped by an anonymous cameraman and editor, and he worked with minimal resources, borrowing a camera from the company’s president’s son to take images. [number six] His first video was for a Sunbeam processor heatsink demonstration. [nine]

Luke’s last wan show as an lmg employee!! – wan show

TECH NEWSTechLinked reports on breaking news and debates in the field of rapid fire technology. Techlinked has become an instant fan favorite thanks to our diverse and talented hosts, as well as our humorous delivery, and we now have over 1 million channel subscribers! PROJECTSFor over ten years, our flagship channel Linus Tech Tips has provided a daily technology fix to an audience of over ten million subscribers. LTT has addressed a wide range of topics, from computer processors to nuclear fusion reactors, and will continue to do so in the future. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS Tech Quickie was created as a “visual encyclopedia” of technology terms. Tech Quickie’s easy-to-understand “explainer” style content has been served over 450 million times in households, coffee shops, and even classrooms since its launch in 2012.
There are modern films, old films, and even no films at all! Take a seat in the passenger seat as three nerds have a SPOILER-FILLED, NOT-SO-SERIOUS conversation about the movies you enjoy. PRODUCTION BY THE LINUS MEDIA GROUP SLinus Media Group is a full-service production company with decades of combined web content, social media, and influencer marketing expertise. We’ve partnered with brands ranging from one-person cottage industries to big multinationals like Intel, IBM, and Cisco. We’re the ideal partner for your next creative project because of our passion for video production, storytelling, and technology. We have a thorough understanding of both technology and the people who use it. On YouTube, social media, and our own community platform, we’ve created a community of millions of user and technical technology enthusiasts over the years. It all begins with a debate. Let us know what your contact or marketing objectives are, and we’ll find a solution for you.

Our first build together in years! – luke personal rig

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Where has luke been? – call for coders 2017

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Apple is wrecking the floatplane iphone app

Every week, Linus and Luke discuss the most recent technological developments.

We kicked luke out! – moving vlog 2019

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This is a really bad take – wan show october 23 , 2020

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Another one bites the dust! – wan show apr.27 2018

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Discord, goodbye!! WAN Demonstrate – 26th of March, 2021 Notion is completely free to join.
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1 hour and 35 minutes
17 November 2020
Is It True That I Was Mistaken About Apple M1 Silicon? – The WAN Display will take place on November 13th, 2020. JumpCloud will make your job simpler at if you need a directory that supports heterogeneous OSs, or only SSO, MDM, LDAP, MFA – or all of the above.

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Early on, he showed signs of having the makings of a how-to video star. He gained attention in high school by submerging a device in mineral oil in a fish tank and using a radiator, a pump, and some tubing to create a cooling system. It was the highest-end gaming machine that had been submerged at the time.
He went straight from CIT to Linus Media Group, which at the time had an 80,000-subscriber YouTube channel. Within a year, the company’s subscriptions had more than tripled, and it was not just making its own videos but also accepting video contracts and generating advertisements for clients.
Over seven million people follow the various platforms, including Linus Tech Tips and Tech Quickie. The loyal audience appreciates a variety of programs, such as tech reviews and “unboxings,” PC build guides, and instructional videos. Luke’s video of him building a machine out of 18 pounds of amethyst crystals has over two million views.

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