Log entry table

Log entry table

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A denormalized version of LogEntry with categories stored as a comma-separated list of string categories and properties stored as a comma-limited list of Name: Value formatted properties is an alternative. As bad as it sounds, I’m not sure if this isn’t better in terms of reporting, efficiency, and searchability.
Since there are only a few distinct properties, I would avoid using name-value pairs and instead create a separate table for each property with its own name and data type. For the sake of demonstration, I’ve used generic Property_.
This view (query) appears to be complicated and lengthy; however, if you run a query like the one below and review the execution plan, you’ll find that property tables not listed in the select list are omitted from the plan (not touched).

Console.table array of objects

Specify one or more types of log entries to write to the log file using the LOG-ENTRY-TYPES attribute. The log file is defined for an OpenEdge client by the Client Logging (-clientlog) startup parameter or the LOG-MANAGER system handle’s LOGFILE-NAME attribute. The DataServer Logging (-dslog) startup parameter specifies the log file for a DataServer server.
The logging level you define with the LOGGING-LEVEL attribute or the Logging Level (-logginglevel) startup parameter is applied to all log entry forms defined by default. You may, however, assign a character expression to each entry type to define a different logging level:
The logging of ABL messages is allowed. When you allow Debug Warning using the Debug Alert (-debugalert) startup parameter or the DEBUG-ALERT attribute on the SESSION device handle, OpenEdge writes all ABL VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX messages to the log file, along with the ABL stack.
Since the ABL windows to which they refer are embedded in.NET formats, this option allows logging of operations that the AVM ignores. See the EmbeddedWindow property reference entry for details on operations that the AVM ignores when they occur in the sense of an embedded window.

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