Localhost joomla administrator

Localhost joomla administrator

Joomla – hide administrator page

I believe I have successfully built Joomla with your assistance and am ready to begin building a local test site. When I go to http://localhost/joomlatest/administrator, the first screen I see is “Index of /joomlatest,” which begins as follows:
When I click the administrator hyperlink, it takes me to the sign in screen, where I can sign in and everything looks and functions as it should. When I try to preview, however, the page that appears is “Index of /joomlatest.”
In my C:wampwww folder, I searched for an index.php file. There were two of them: a three-kilobyte index.php file and a one-kilobyte index2.php file. Neither was in the joomlatest folder, which I found. So I transferred the 3 KB index.php file to the joomlatest folder, and lo and behold, my test site now functions just like the one in the online training course! (((((((((((((((((((((((

How to install joomla 3 on a localhost

Hundreds of cases of people being unable to connect to their Joomla websites have been resolved so far. Since our goal is to make the life of a Joomla administrator as simple as possible, we’ve decided to compile a list of the top 10 reasons for being unable to login to a Joomla website, as well as solutions to each of them. Here they are, without further ado:
We hope you found the above guide to be informative and, more importantly, that it assisted you in resolving your problem. If it didn’t, the next move would most likely be to contact us. We promise that we will address the issue as soon as possible and at a low rate!

Joomla administrator-login in xampp (einloggen)

Even if you are logging into your PC as an administrator, run your control panel – xampp-control.exe from the xampp installation folder and right click and pick to run as an administrator if you are using Windows 7.
6. Now you can start Apache and MySQL in the control panel, but don’t check any of the Svc check boxes because they aren’t required for regular XAMPP use; instead, make sure they both display a green running indicator.
8. Now type http://localhost into your browser’s address bar, pick your language, and you should be taken to the XAMPP Welcome page; instead, click the Admin button next to Apache in the control panel to see the same pages in your browser.

How to reset your joomla admin password

Alternatively, you can copy the plugin-folder to the required position in the Joomla folder structure. In most cases, the community the plugin belongs to can be found in the plugin’s xml file under joomla-root/plugins/group/. In extension-tag, look for the attribute category.
Alternatively, you might go into the database and search for the extensions-table, where you’ll find the entry for your plugin’s extension key plg name. The plugin extension key can also be found in the xml file, look for the name-tag. You should be able to log into the backend again after setting the plugin’s activated field to 0.

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