Livescribe echo 8gb

Livescribe echo 8gb

Livescribe echo smartpen 8gb pro pack unboxing

Echo has a modern ergonomic design with a rubberized grip and a non-slip surface. It comes in 4GB and 8GB models, with 400 and 800 hours of recording time, respectively. Customers can use their favorite ear buds for private listening and share traditional USB cables with other mobile devices with this new smartpen’s industry-standard ports, micro-USB and 3.5 mm audio jack. To see a demonstration of Echo, go here.
With the release of Echo, the company also announced the Pencast Player for iPad, iPhone, and iTouch, allowing consumers to access their pencasts from anywhere. Notes and audio from important meetings or lectures are now easily portable, playable, and shareable with a single click. Later this summer, Pencast Player will be available for free on the iTunes store.
GERMANY: The 8GB Echo smartpen (€199.95) is now exclusively available through Unimall for students and teachers in the education sector. Echo will be available in German-speaking markets from September 2010 via all distribution partners.

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Depending on the quality of the recording, it can take some time. We looked at the Pulse Smartpen two years ago, and apart from cosmetic variations, the pens perform almost identically. The Echo replaces the grey anodized aluminum grip on the Pulse with a black rubberized grip under a black plastic top. It all looks great and is comfortable to wear. An ARM 9 processor drives everything, but microphones are mounted on the outside of the earbuds. This headset is included with the Pulse pen, but it will set you back an additional $30 if you purchase it separately, as it was left out of the Echo packages – a miserly move if ever there was one.
as well as a range of recording and tracking buttons (record, stop, increase speed, decrease speed, jump to position and volume controls, jump forward, jump back and star). Tap the pen on the record to start recording. You’ll be able to read and communicate with it. This means you can expose it to almost everyone you know, not just LiveScribe Desktop users. After you’ve finished your paper, make a diagram.

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A pen with a built-in voice recorder sounds like something you’d see on late-night TV, maybe as a bonus for the first 50 customers who call now to buy a magical package of kitchen knives for just eight simple payments. But if you think that’s all there is to the Livescribe Echo, you’re in for a fun surprise. The recording is the easy part, as anyone who collects data for a living will tell you; it’s pinpointing those key moments in a recording quickly during playback that makes all the difference, and this is precisely where the Echo shines.
A pad of ruled paper is included with the computerized Echo pen, and it is covered in thousands of tiny dots that are arranged in a non-repeating pattern on each sheet. When you’re playing back your recordings, you can fast-forward or rewind the audio by touching the tip of the pen on the corresponding section of the page where you took notes when recording. During a consultation, a doctor might write the word “sneezing” when their patient discusses cold symptoms. All this doctor had to do was hit the word sneezing with the pen as the recording was being played back, and they’d hear the patient describe these symptoms again from the exact point on the recording.

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The Echo 8GB does not come in a sealed case. It is brand new and comes with a full Livescribe warranty, but it is packaged in a simple brown package, as is the case with most Livescribe products.
Although the price gap is minimal, few customers will ever need the entire storage capacity of a 2GB Echo. The extra memory would (literally) never be used by most customers. Unless you plan on recording a lot of audio (as a judge might, for example, by recording several hours of testimony), the 2GB Echo should suffice. Buy something “useful” with the extra cash, such as Livescribe paper or ink cartridges.

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