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Unemployment is at a record high. The death of an individual. Training has been disrupted. And a free-falling currency. These are the ingredients for tectonic social changes that change the course of people’s lives. And, as is customary, parents are at the center of the stresses, defending their families while attempting to maintain a sense of normalcy for their children.
For more than a century, developmental scientists have researched how families and children respond to natural and man-made disasters. We’ve learned a few things from the Great Depression to Hurricane Katrina, from 9/11 to conflicts and historic migrations. Many factors allow children to respond well in the face of adversity, while others contribute to unfavorable outcomes, according to resilience research. The existence of at least one stable, loving parent, someone who provides a safe psychological container and a scaffold for growth—which I’ll discuss more thoroughly below—is the most critical factor, according to the study. There are, however, other levers in play. The qualities mentioned below are critical for a child’s psychological resilience during times of societal crisis. I share them with you in the hopes that, whatever your condition is in terms of caring for children during the pandemic, you will concentrate on what matters most to your family’s long-term psychological well-being and ignore the minor issues. Dosing

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A acquaintance with a 13-year-old daughter recently inquired if anyone was aware of children receiving unwanted AirDropped penis images. Airdropping is a method of transferring files between iOS devices using a Wifi or Bluetooth link as long as the users are in close proximity.
I was stunned for a split second. But then I recalled my youngest daughter AirDropping Peppa Pig to someone in a museum in upstate New York while we were there. We laughed until our sides hurt that day at the prospect of some unknown person receiving a Peppa Pig picture on their phone. It was ridiculously easy to tell who was using an iPhone and who had their settings wide open.
Although my friend was appalled that a 13-year-old had received an unsolicited penis picture at school, I wondered when such behavior had become commonplace. Why do people believe it’s acceptable to take images of their genitals, and why do they believe it’s acceptable to AirDrop or send them via social media messages to anyone at any time and without regard for age, gender, sex, or basic social rules?

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The anti-hero, the quintessential underdog ready to right the wrongs of injustice on their own terms, has had a long love affair with American pop culture. The fugitive is frequently a young person coming of age who discovers that the only way to live true to themselves is to leave oppressive family and social systems and learn to survive on their own.
Despite the abundance of Huckleberry Finns and Holden Caulfields in American literature, there is a notable lack of female protagonists who are willing to go it alone. It was into this vacuum that photographer Justine Kurland first moved, more than 20 years ago, when she started her Girl Pictures collection. Aperture recently released the project, which was produced between 1997 and 2002.
“I wanted the girls to run away from patriarchy and build their own world,” Kurland says. “I realize my imagination is based on an American one: Manifest Destiny and frontier dreams. The Westward extension, on the other hand, is simply a colonialist appetite for aggression and genocide.”

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Elle Macpherson has graced the world’s top magazines and runways over the past 30 years as a frontrunner in the rising supermodel invasion that occurred in the 1980s. Eleanor Nancy Gow was born on this day in 1963 and began her modeling career after being spotted on a family ski trip in the early 1980s. Macpherson was one of the first models to capitalize on her image, spawning a brand range spanning from skincare to lingerie. She was perhaps best known for her nickname, The Body. CR honors Macpherson’s birthday with a visual diary of the Australian beauty’s early years in the industry, from supermodel to savvy and wealthy businesswoman.
When Macpherson was breaking into the editorial world in the early 1980s, she met French fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon, who shot this photograph. Despite divorcing in 1989, the couple married in 1986 and worked together during their careers.
Macpherson moved to an apartment in Greenwich Village, New York City, after leaving her studies to pursue a modeling career. The newcomer initially signed with Click Model Management.

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