Links and kinks

Links and kinks

The kinks – death of a clown (official audio)

I didn’t get my powdercoating done here because he took three months to respond to my phone calls. When I was there, he ignored my calls and treated me badly. I finally got fed up and decided I needed my powder coating finished, so I went up there and picked up my bits. Powdercoating is not anything I recommend doing here. I’ve seen his job, and it’s not particularly pleasant.
Brian was hired to create some vinyl graphics for my race team. I just gave him a printout of what I needed, and he did an excellent job for a fair price. He has a beautiful, well-kept shop, and…

The kinks – lola (official audio)

If you’re like me, you don’t think you’ll know what the mysterious little markings mean, so you don’t bookmark the link or save the pdf and come back to it later. And, a few days later, you have no memory of the knowledge you sought out, researched, and organized. So you’ll have to do it all over again.
That’s something I’ve done a few times already, and I’m sick of it. So I decided to make some cheat cards for myself to hold in a file with a couple of others I’ve recently made and take out whenever I need them until such a hypothetical time as I remember what does what without the need for assistance.
I thought I wasn’t the only one who was frustrated by finally getting down to work, only to be drawn back to the internet for some “details,” and then the sun has set, time has passed, and nothing has been accomplished (but to be fair, it is all actually turned on.) I’m sharing these cards with you now to help you get rid of this old habit.
For the Mutable Instruments Kinks and its sister module, the Mutable Instruments Ties, I’ve built a cheat card. They’re lightweight, simple utility modules that have made a big difference in my sound design and musical exploration.

3 modules #62: kinks, rings, peaks

Professional Powder Coating Experts

The kinks – lola (official lyrics video)

We can help you with your motor, whether it’s scraped and dingy or brand new and you just want a personalized look. We have over 200 colors and other special effects to choose from (including the very popular “Splatter” look). We’ll remove all dirt, old paint, rust, and decals from your frame (or fork, or rims…) and give it a new, professional powder coat care. The latest look is going to be awesome! Colors can be customized! For a free estimate, call Links And Kinks at (937) 343-1403.

3 modules #87: clouds, kinks, maths

On paper, they seem to be ideal, at least for someone like me who is new to modular synthesis, because they give a little bit of everything. However, I didn’t see much affection for them in general.
I have a Links, which is incredibly useful. In 4hp, you get a mixer, mult, and precision adder. The only drawback I can think of is the lack of space. I was trying to get stackables into the module with the patch below yesterday and was having a lot of trouble. At some stage, I’d like to get a Kinks album as well. There are several other options available, but these are as good as any for these purposes. I hope this information is useful. Thank you so much.
For what it’s worth, I replaced my Links with a Pittsburgh Modular Distro simply because the extra buffered mult was more useful to me than the 3×1 averaging mixer; and I replaced my Kinks with an SWF/MMD Modbox (although there’s not much in common except the sample-and-hold). I wasn’t using Kinks’ logic functions nearly enough, and I have a million different ways to invert voltage.

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