Line spacing in gmail compose

Line spacing in gmail compose

Formatting your messages in gmail

To be clear: I just reviewed the Outlook options, and the only difference is that on some emails, the Before and After spacing is set to Auto, while on others, it is set to 0pt (the “double-spacing” effect appears when the Before and After spacing is set to Auto). As an example, take a look at the image below:
Only when we attempt to respond or forward auto-generated emails does this behavior (double line spacing) occur in Outlook 2013. In my case, the received auto-generated email has double line spacing, which is carried over to the responses and forward!
While replying, right-click on the message’s body, select paragraph, and change the spacing to your liking. (Single spacing and 0 pt font). Then pick All documents from the ‘Set as Default’ menu. After you restart Outlook, the new format should be added to your responses.
A custom macro or an add-in can be used to extend this to all messages (replies and forwards) as a workaround (probably commercial). Instructions for developing a macro can be found at

Gmail – indent a paragraph

I must have pressed a special keystroke. Using the most recent versions of Gmail, Chrome, and other applications with those 7/8, etc. In Gmail, I’m having double-spacing in the Unreads and Everything Else folders. It was only single-spaced until today (I used to have perhaps 15 items under everything else, now only eight or so fit).
There appears to be a problem with your formatting, either in your browser or on your screen. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome? In previous versions, this was a common problem. Other users discovered that changing the display mode to ‘compact’ in the settings fixed the issue. (It’s on because I ran out of links.)
You can pick categories of messages by moving to hide read messages and pressing the triangle next to the select all button. There are both read and unread books included. What you do with them after that is entirely up to you 🙂

Getting extra space between lines on pasting text from

After you’ve allowed the Gmail keyboard shortcuts, you can start using them. To begin, we’ll look at shortcuts for the inbox view. The following is a list of our inbox’s read and unread messages:
Do you need assistance at any point during the shortcut process? Simply press the? key when holding Change. Your screen will be loaded with a cheat sheet with all Gmail shortcuts. When you’re done, close it or open it in a new window to keep it handy.
I pick the boxes for the messages I want to archive (using one of the three methods above) and then press e to archive them. This allows me to easily hit inbox zero by archiving unimportant messages.
Learning these shortcuts only takes a few minutes. And, given that you’ll be using email for the rest of your life, don’t you think it’s worth spending a few minutes learning these skills? Coworkers will start asking you how you send email like this before you know it, and you’ll be the fastest person in the office.

How to change the text density and spacing in gmail

I’ve set up Mac Mail to write new messages in plain text, which is always single-spaced. However, if I respond to a message and add a paragraph from the original, it will appear double-spaced.
I can’t figure out how to adjust it to single-spacing for the life of me. “No pages with your search terms were found,” says Mac Support when you search for “Line Spacing,” “double space,” and “leading.”
Yeah, and what about iCal? When I create a new case, the cursor can take up to 20 or 30 seconds to become active so that I can type in a topic. In January, it’s as sluggish as molassas. It also takes an eternity to align with my Palm.
I completely agree with the message, and I’m curious if there is a solution. Because of the formatting problems with quoted letters, I’m currently switching Mail programs, although reluctantly. It’s starting to irritate me a lot.
This has been happening to me for quite some time, and I’m fairly certain it’s a bug. Unfortunately, I have no idea what caused the issue in my situation, and I am unable to replicate it. This is a safe place to start looking.

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