Lifetime adoption reviews

Lifetime adoption reviews

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It is run by our denomination and only welcomes couples who have passed rigorous religious testing and are members of one of their churches in good standing. If everyone in this room was a member of that church, they would be familiar with this ministry and the maternity homes they operate around the country. They are very particular because the majority of the birthmothers are members of these denominations, and they want to ensure that the child is raised in the same denomination. People have told me that this is discrimination, but it is not considered discrimination since they are a church ministry that does not allow outside support. United Methodist Children’s Home, another organization that did our homestudy, will welcome any couple who passes the homestudy. Since they receive state and federal funds, they must be available to all religions. I hope this information is useful. Moe Moe Moe Moe Moe Mo

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Birth mother scholarships are available from the A Lifetime Adoption Foundation for women who have lovingly put a child by adoption. Counseling, pre- and post-adoption care, and services are also provided by the Lifetime Foundation…
Birth mother scholarships are available from the A Lifetime Adoption Foundation for women who have lovingly put a child by adoption. Counseling, pre- and post-adoption care, services for women considering adoption, and outreach material for community education about open adoption are also provided by the Lifetime Foundation. A Lifetime Foundation awards grants to children with special needs, sibling groups, older children, and/or medically fragile children who may otherwise languish in foster care or be institutionalized, as well as adoption grants to adoptive parents who are committed to adopting children with special needs or who are having difficulty finding a family. We also have a broad African American Enrichment program, which assists African American babies and children in finding permanent homes with caring adoptive families by providing adoption grants to assist with the cost of adoption. The A Lifetime Foundation is committed to providing adoption education, support, services, and financial assistance to those who are in need. Both charitable contributions are appreciated and tax-deductible.

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Lifetime has a fantastic team! This journey isn’t for everyone, but having the people at Lifetime along for the ride makes it all worthwhile. Thank you, Christie, Robyn, Tiffany, Linda, and everyone else who helped to complete my family. You will always have a special place in my heart.
We were regarded as friends from the beginning. Every conversation with Jennifer put us at ease, and it felt like a “no-brainer” when we decided to apply with LT. Everyone we met was intelligent, patient, and genuinely interested in our success. We were able to email our coordinator, Robin, at any time, and she always responded promptly or directed us to the appropriate person. Tiffany was an outstanding go-between once we were paired and remained positive as we navigated a whirlwind match (2 weeks!). The most significant factor, though, was how well they looked after our birth mother and expressed her needs to us. She was always well-protected. Overall, we are overjoyed and will enthusiastically recommend LT to other adopting families.

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Read personal accounts from actual families and birthmothers that have been through the Lifetime Adoptions adoption process. We are absolutely dedicated to listening to your suggestions in order to provide you with the best possible service. Please leave a review to help us develop and expand.
“This organization may not be right for all! I had to admit that I was beginning to lose confidence. The team over there has been fantastic! Jodie, Chelsea, Nicole, and Stephanie, to name a few! They are there for you every step of the way and really care that you are happy in your adoption! Why a birthmother chooses you has no rhyme or purpose! I am certain that they have made our dream a reality by listening to us! If you notice something isn’t working, take action and ask them to assist you! Thank you, LifeLong Adoptions, and good luck to all potential adoptive parents!”
“I am a birthmother who has put two of her children through LifeLong. LifeLong was amazing. I received a lot of help, and talking to them wasn’t too bad. They were really sweet and polite and did not make me feel guilty for not wanting to be the mother. If any other girls find themselves in a situation close to mine, they should contact LifeLong because that was the best option for me.”

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