Level smart autofill

Level smart autofill

Levelsmart by kona labs – “awesome!”

The EZAutoFill is a simple, low-cost solution for maintaining water levels that fits right into an existing fill line. In the event of a failure or to prolong the life of the valve, it is possibly a good idea to use very low water pressure for these devices. A protective cover for the unit is shown below, which is useful for keeping automatic pool cleaners and pets at bay. To visit their websites, click on either picture.
Another similar device, LevelSmart, is shown above and below, which includes a battery-powered sensor epoxied to the pool tile (left of valve in photo) and a valve controller that turns on a valve already used for pool fill…the battery life is defined as 7-14 years. LevelSmart has the advantage of never allowing the valve to operate for more than 7 minutes per hour before shutting off.
The Pool Sentry is an adjustable water level system that attaches to a regular threaded garden hose and fits over the pool deck. On the second picture, you can see an adjustable float system that allows you to change the height of the water level…inexpensive it’s and it works, as long as you don’t mind having a hose laid on your deck.

Level smart autofill – critical information

The Levolor® K-1100 senses low water levels and automatically replenishes the supply to a predetermined amount. It can be used in any situation that needs a constant water level. It’s a great addition to any pool or spa system, new or old.
Electronic water levelers from Levolor® eliminate the worry of water loss in your pool, spa, or water feature. The electronic fill unit uses advanced electronics to keep track of water levels. The system compensates for waves, and its special lock-out function prevents the pool from overfilling. Levolor® guarantees a constant flow of water since there are no moving parts to crack or rust.

Levelsmart by kona labs – negative edge / infinity pools

“The LevelSmartTM Wireless AutoFill System is now available. To maintain a steady water level in your swimming pool, spa, fountain, or water feature, LevelSmartTM works in complete harmony with your existing equipment. You won’t have to think about your pool’s water level with the LevelSmartTM. Never, ever, ever use a hose again. LevelSmartTM technology, which has a patent pending, has been field tested and proved to be reliable.”
LevelSmartTM Wireless Autofill has a very simple installation procedure that does not require any deck damage or the installation of new plumbing. To retrofit any existing structure, we use wireless technology and pre-existing plumbing. Any new building project may also benefit from LevelSmartTM. The ability to retrofit removes the need for deck demolition, renovation, and labor hours. For all of your pool autofill needs, the LevelSmartTM is the ideal solution.
LevelSmartTM uses innovative and patented proprietary sensing methods, as well as cutting-edge communication technologies, to give the LevelSmartTM a strategic advantage and unrivaled dependability. For all automated filling applications, our engineers have invented the ideal solution.

How to pair your levelsmart || kona labs

Paralevel, Paramount’s revolutionary new water leveler, was created from the viewpoint of a pool designer, with architects, homeowners, and service technicians in mind. This unit’s components were not modified from other industries. Paralevel is still working behind the scenes to keep your pool or spa at the perfect level. You will relax knowing that the water level in your pool is constantly tracked and changed. If you ever need to make a manual adjustment, the “Posi-click” adjustment from Paralevel makes it easy. 14” (6 mm) of water level change is equivalent to one complete turn. Unlike other water levelers, Paralevel has “Smart Sensing,” which means it ignores water sloshing in the pool and only detects the true level of the pool. Paralevel is also shielded by “Smart Sensing,” which prevents it from cycling on and off as easily as other levelers. This reduces the risk of premature failure and removes noisy water hammer in your home, which could cause plumbing harm.

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