Lesson plan google doc template

Lesson plan google doc template

Digital lesson planning using google slides / how to make

Write down what you want your students to be able to do by the end of the lesson, for example, “pronounce, recognize, put words in sentences, turn into passive, compare, respond, use, match,….etc” or any verbs that can be used and measured in the classroom.
Write some sentences on the board or pass out written papers to see how the goals were met and if students understood what they were supposed to learn. If this is the case, you can re-teach the lesson using different approaches.
Various ELT publications on teaching English as a foreign language are available from me.
In these publications, I share the gist of my +15 years of TEFL experience working with a wide range of learners in a variety of settings and cultures.
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Lesson plan submit – a handy google docs add-on

We are a group of educators with experience teaching high school students about computer science and technology. The incorporation of technology in the classroom is our target. While technology is a useful tool, there is a gap between technology and learning. Roombop is on a mission to change that! RoomBop enables teachers to incorporate technology into their classrooms for any subject, on any computer, and with students of all ages. Last modified on May 17, 2018 File previewspdf, 49.39 KB, share thisFile previewspdf, 49.39 KB, share this This is a very straightforward unit plan template. It comes with 15 lesson plans pre-installed, but you can easily add more. The following are included in each lesson plan:

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First, I write the lesson’s subject, purpose, and norm for each day of the week. After that, I write the topic(s) of the Do Now for that day, or define an introductory task, in the “Introduction.” Then, under “Activities,” I list everything we’re doing in the order we’re doing it. Finally, under “Assessment/Closure,” I explain how I intend to conclude the lesson, or more generally, how I intend to evaluate the lesson.
I gray out the entire day for every day of the week that I am not teaching (conference day, sub day, no school day, etc.) and make a list of what I did that day. I generally only put “worksheet” for the operation if there are sub plans.

Lesson plans are easy with google docs (forms) and mail

What is a HyperDoc, exactly? It’s a unique way to give your students power over an entire immersive digital lesson. HyperDocs is great for replacing dull worksheets with something more stimulating that encourages students to collaborate, think critically, integrate knowledge from different sources, and build using technology. You can use HyperDocs to build and bundle a lesson plan that is customized to your students’ needs. It’s also naturally entertaining! Each lesson contains all of the elements that make a lesson successful: interact, explore, illustrate, apply, share, and expand. You have time to engage with students as they are collaborating and reflecting on their learning.

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