Lenovo m92p tiny

Lenovo m92p tiny

Lenovo thinkcentre m92 tiny (lenovo blog cz)

For long-term deployments, the ThinkCentre M92p Tiny offers 15-month platform reliability, which helps minimize change, qualification, and testing costs. These Tiny desktops are designed to provide platform stability for up to 15 months after general availability, with no planned hardware changes that would affect the preloaded software picture. The M92p Tiny also contains Intel’s Stable Image Platform Program (SIPP), which guarantees that key platform components and drivers will not adjust for at least 15 months.
Our Tiny desktops are the industry’s first 1L desktops. Tiny desktops are small enough to fit almost anywhere and provide enterprise-level performance. They come with versatile mounting solutions, including support for standard VESA mounts.
Independent display support for up to three independent displays or a Mosaic quad display increases efficiency. When you stretch your workspace through several displays, the increased work area and easier navigation between programs helps minimize errors and increase productivity. (Optional second DisplayPort connector required.)

Lenovo thinkcentre m92p tiny desktop and thinkvision

The Lenovo M92P laptop, which is powered by a cutting-edge 3rd generation Intel Core processor, provides uncompromised performance to help you get through your business tasks quickly. It also comes with simple management, solid security, and a reputation for dependability—everything you need to work with confidence. With three form factors to choose from, including Tower, Small Form Factor, and the latest Tiny form factor, you’ll still be able to find the right solution for your expansion needs and workspace.
Our Tiny desktops are the industry’s first 1L desktops. Tiny desktops fit just about anywhere, and they provide reliable, enterprise-level performance. They come with versatile mounting solutions, including support for standard VESA mounts (not included).

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With an additional layer of hardware-based security and authentication, as well as a multifactor authentication system to handle various authentication methods, Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) prevents businesses from being penetrated by stolen credentials and online user account access.
Giving users remote access to company data and applications increases efficiency, but it also exposes IT to hackers and lost laptops. And when criminals try to reimage the OS, change the boot order, or mount a new hard drive, Intel® Anti-Theft Technology is integrated into the laptop hardware, assisting IT administrators in outwitting thieves. Laptops with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT) can be remotely disabled if they are lost or stolen. If the laptop is found, it can be easily restored to working order.
When running below specification limits, Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.01 boosts processor and graphics efficiency by increasing the operating frequency. Workload, hardware, software, and overall device configuration all influence the maximum frequency.

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For a commodity, the brand’s unique identifier. If the specifications are similar, multiple product codes may be mapped to a single mother product data-sheet. We map out incorrect codes and, on occasion, logistical variations.
– Motherboard: This is the part that links all of your computer’s components. It often includes integrated components such as a sound card, which allows your computer to play sound, and a network card, which allows your computer to link to a network.
– The video board is the component of your machine that handles graphics processing. Integrated video boards are popular on Micro ATX motherboards. Those integrated video boards are usually unsuitable for gaming, but they are adequate for watching movies.
The Lenovo® ThinkCentre® M92/M92p is designed to last a long time and to be reliable, manageable, and sustainable. With a 15-month life cycle and high platform reliability due to Intel’s Stable Image Platform Software, desktop maintenance is a breeze (SIPP). The Intelligent Cooling Engine (ICE2) also assists you in managing desktop acoustics and cooling as required.

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