Learning is cool

Learning is cool

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What is Online Learning’s ‘cool factor’? Should we, as students, instructors, and instructional designers, be concerned? The response is a resounding yes. However, the issue extends beyond the ‘cool factor’ – online learning has a severe image problem. I believe it is past time for educators to find out what to do about it. What is the public’s opinion of online learning? I’ve seen these terms articulated in K-12 education, higher education, and businesses that catch the collective impressions –’sub-standard,’ ‘ineffective,’ ‘not social,’ or how about this one – ‘boring.’ I’m sure you’ve learned all of these, and certainly more, from teachers, faculty, and future learners alike. What should we do about the picture issue? How do we change people’s minds about online learning and even make it seem cool? I have a few suggestions:
I found this fascinating because, while students like the versatility of online learning, they aren’t persuaded that it is at least as good as face-to-face learning, according to several research studies. Students Views of Distance Learning, Online Learning, and the Conventional Classroom (O’Malley), for example, came to the following conclusion:

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approaches, based primarily on Helen Parkhurst’s Dalton Strategy, which started as a school pilot project in 1996 on the initiative of committed teachers at a Steyr business school (Upper Austria).
I’ll have to do anything to make this happen. It’s a matter of being open to constructive criticism of our own jobs, as well as requesting it on a regular basis. When someone’s person or job is being criticized, it’s unfair if the critique just looks backwards, looks for a guilty party, or mixes the professional and personal levels. Constructive feedback entails determining the appropriate time and language, as well as demonstrating how anything might be done differently. The same is true when different points of view are articulated in a debate; in this case, two factors are crucial: the willingness to consider and constructively convey other people’s perspectives
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Learning is cool program

Taking the OECD’s position that learning outside of formal education systems is generally undervalued, underappreciated, and undervalued even more, this country background study, as part of the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council’s “Dialogue with the public initiative” in the UK; the various “Money for Cancer Research Funding” (Upper Austria).
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In Covington Schools, the Marvin Lewis Learning is Cool initiative has begun a new year. This program sends quarterly awards to students who have earned a “A” on the honor roll. Students who achieve a 3.51 GPA twice in a school year will be invited to the Cincinnati Zoo to meet Marvin Lewis and the Cincinnati Bengals.
All students are encouraged to finish the Search & Score puzzle in the kick-off planner and place it in the Learning is Cool package. On December 10, one student from each school will be chosen to win two tickets to the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Chicago Bears game. The drawing will be held on October 20th.

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