Lastpass show matching sites

Lastpass show matching sites

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If I “Auto-fill” this login with LastPass, it will paste my username into the “Account Number” and “Username” fields, preventing me from logging in. So my only choice is to pick “Copy Password” and manually type in my username and password.
Now I must click the LastPass icon, “Show Matching Pages,” right-click the login entry, “Delete,” which opens a new tab to my LastPass Vault, click the icon to “Show password,” pick the password, Ctrl-C, return to the AWS login tab, Ctrl-V, and proceed.
LastPass’ default setting seems to allow it to remember your master password for a very long time, even though you close and restart your browser or reboot your computer. Other applications on my machine can have access to my unlocked, decrypted password database if the LastPass extension has it. If any of the programs I use has a flaw that allows it to gain filesystem access, it will possibly find LastPass’s data and gain access to it.

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Since LastPass isn’t completely available, I’ll have to revert to the last version of Nightly and Inbound that works. As a result, I won’t be able to do any research. I’m not sure whether LastPass will move to a non-stable version of Fx. Is there a way to get LP to work as it should if not?
Almost all of the functionality is open, with the exception of dropdown (and vault) access. To get started, go to and build an account. This will allow you to access your local vault. The background menus handle almost everything after that.
Is the job affected by a bug? That is, anything to prove Last Pass that this isn’t a bug in a non-stable version, but rather a planned update that will make it to production. needinfo? has been marked as a flag. (bmo+kmaglione)
FWIW, I just got an email from LP. I was crossing my fingers that it would solve the issue. Unfortunately, it did not. As in the previous build, the logon information is no longer auto-filled. It’s likely that the latest LP release contains a bug. This makes LP less useful. 4.1.46a is the latest edition.

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I’ve been collaborating with Lastpass help. I’m starting to get irritated with them. I’m not sure whether they’re being deliberately evasive or whether their assistance is provided by an AI bot with an IQ of 15. Regardless, they seem to be of no assistance. Multiple devices on an internal business network have their own management sites, such as mail.ourdomain.local, nas.ourdomain.local, and pbx.ourdomain.local. If I go to any of these, for example, nas.ourdomain.local, Lastpass will display them all as a match. There are three matches in Lastpass. Three devices isn’t bad, but when I have a few dozen, I find myself spending too much time flipping through the Lastpass menus to find the right entry. URL Rules ( are a function of Lastpass. Setting that up with ourdomain.local has no impact, and Lastpass refuses to accept any matches for the internal network. Has anyone been successful in getting Lastpass to function in this context, and if not, can you recommend a password manager that will?

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LastPass will promise to save a place that it doesn’t know to your vault once you log into it. LastPass will automatically fill in the username and password for you the next time you visit that site.
You’ll probably have a lot of “at-risk” passwords at first. Don’t be alarmed! LastPass will show all of your passwords that are either weak or duplicated, along with direct links to the service where you can update them. Replacing insecure passwords will improve your score, and the higher your score, the better your data will be secured!
We’ve all struggled to come up with successful passwords, and we frequently repeat them across multiple accounts.
It’s easy, but if anyone gets their hands on this password, they might theoretically get their hands on Anything you use it for.
“Hackers depend on you having the same password for different accounts,” Steve has previously said.
This opens a new tab with your new password’s parameters, such as character length and complexity. When you use this method to build passwords, they’ll be saved to your LastPass vault automatically, so you won’t have to remember them!

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