Lastpass an error occurred while attempting to contact the server chrome

Lastpass an error occurred while attempting to contact the server chrome

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For others, using a password management system is almost a must for all of the sites and accounts they own. If you already have a LastPass account, there’s one more thing you can do to make the system even more useful: add the site’s extension to your browser. Users can conveniently save and access their passwords for different websites using the LastPass Chrome browser extension. Other browsers, such as Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer, have extensions as well. Here’s how to add LastPass to Chrome for those who are interested.
By clicking the LastPass extension logo (which appears as “…|”) in Chrome’s top toolbar, you’ll be guided to log into your LastPass account.
If you’ve logged in, you can use the extension as usual, saving and accessing your different passwords to make your LastPass account more convenient to use.

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Hello there,

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I get the following error whenever I try to build a new page in an existing space: “The server could not be reached. At this time, saving is not an option “.. Any support will be deeply appreciated. errorPage.PNG is a PNG image of an error page.
By turning off Collaborative editing and Synchrony, I believe I’ve resolved the issue. I found the drafting system was having problems and taking a long time to become’ready.’ Under ‘Administration’ > Collaborative Editing, go to Confluence administration > General Setup > Collaborative Editing.
It turned out that I was making use of emojis. A hand, in particular, that indicates a hands-on action to be carried out: It’s just a regular legitimate Unicode character that looks great in draft mode. However, because of the documented misleading mistake, it prevents the page from being written.
I can attest to that. Lastpass is also causing this issue for me. I was able to uninstall the extension and save a page after that. Is there any news on a resolution? This is something that has just recently begun to happen.
Using Chrome and the LassPass addon, I’m having the same problem. LastPass received a ticket from me. They advised me to update the Autofill settings, but I have yet to do so.

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FireFox 85.0.2, LP extension, Win 10 Pro 20H2.

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Since LP does not log in automatically due to intentional settings, the icon is black when FF begins. When you click it and enter all of your information (including 2FA), LP logs in and the icon turns red, but it also displays a pop-up. “We were unable to make contact with the server. Check your internet connection and give it another shot.” The LP icon stays red after dismissing this, and LP continues to work normally, filling in user ids and passwords, and so on. I use a VPN, but it makes no difference if I turn it off. If you have any idea what’s causing this?
Can you give me a private message with your LastPass account email address if these measures don’t work so that we can investigate and so that you don’t share any private account information publicly? Please click my username to see my profile, then click the blue “Send a Message” button in the upper right to send me a private message.
I’m having the same problem “We were unable to make contact with the server. Check your internet connection and give it another shot.” After a few seconds, it turns yellow, and when you click on it to dismiss the post, it logs you in. This is currently being checked on a clean Windows 10 installation with the most recent update of Firefox and W10H2. It’s a pretty tidy installation.

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You are right. I’m extending the deadline until tomorrow. If they don’t respond, I’ll cancel my account and begin the arduous task of restoring my 1Password password management. LogMeIn, I believe, purchased LastPass. Their service level has declined significantly. @lulubluboo (@lulubluboo) — lulublu22 (@lulubluboo) 19th of January, 2020
LastPass customer service told me to clear my cache… @!$#@!$#@!$#@!$ Across all browsers and computers, the same problem exists! One thing that intrigues me is whether this is limited to people who have used LastPass for a certain amount of time. Mine has been with me since 2014. — @BetaBlueIS (@CharlesLehardy) 20th of January, 2020
A company spokesperson told DownDetector that the company was still investigating the incident and that there were no obvious problems with its servers, implying that the cause of the outage may be a software component.
“We are aware of and actively reviewing complaints from some LastPass customers who are having trouble logging in and receiving errors. There are no known service problems at this time.”

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