La posta panama

La posta panama

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reviews by jmejia6618 Company dinner at La Posta (reviewed 17 February 2020) To summarize, it was an outstanding dining experience from beginning to end. The seafood tostones are delicious, the grilled pulpo is excellent, and the pork chop is among the best I’ve ever had. Definitely a position I’ll return to when I’m in…More Date of visit: February 2020Is this information useful? 1
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On the 16th of February, 2020, I checked it out on my phone. Nice food and a pleasant ambiance We went with a group of friends to this restaurant because it was close to our hotel. A market selling exclusive foods greets visitors at the entrance. The restaurant section was great, and the zebra-themed decor was very innovative. More > > > > Wine bottles were also…More > > > > Date of visit: February 2020Is this information useful?
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12 February 2020 (revised) The Post Office and the Market Only positive things can be said about La Posta and the Market. The food was excellent, and the service was even better. Our waiter suggested the Branzino fish on our first night. It was only three more times that I ordered it. During our ten-day stay, we…More Date of visit: January 2020Is this information useful?

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La Posta, the flagship of David Henesy and Carolina Rodriguez’s mini-empire of restaurants, has been attracting the jet set since it opened in 2005. This is probably Panama City’s best restaurant interior, with wicker ceiling fans, patterned tile floors, tropical foliage, and plantation-style architecture evoking 1950s Havana. The American-trained chef’s coastal Italian menu is elegant but not pretentious, with dishes like octopus carpaccio, yellowfin tuna ceviche with capers, and seafood risottos. Thin-crust pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven are also delectable. La Posta is one of those places where you can sit and drink wine with good company for hours.
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On February 1, 2020, he published an opinion. A delightful culinary adventure! Restaurant with a friendly ambiance and elegant decor. Excellent and diverse plates. The desserts are also delicious. The service was excellent, and the times seemed appropriate. Nobody is looking for you, and neither are they slow. There is valet parking, but there aren’t many parking spaces. Market, your buddy, is right around the corner and is also highly recommended.
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On November 22, 2019, he penned an opinion using a mobile device. Friendliness and good food We’re looking for a place to eat during a conference in Panama. The atmosphere is fun, and the food is delicious. The waiter’s service was excellent, and he made some good recommendations.

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lornalynn208 reviewsReviewed on April 3, 2018 Fantastic!!! We didn’t want to eat at the hotel tonight, so Oliver at the Waldorf Astoria recommended it. It was fantastic—amazing sea bass, steak, and salmon. Free sparkling wine, appetizers, fresh juice, and rolls were served with our dinner, which is something you don’t always see. Exceptional waiter—a pleasant young man who…More The tour took place in April of this year. Is this information useful?
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On the 27th of March, 2018, I checked it out on my phone. Overall, excellent. We were invited here for dinner by a Panamanian acquaintance. I ordered the NY strip steak, which was excellent, considering the fact that it was mainly a seafood restaurant. My wife ordered beef medallions, which she said were excellent. The servers were extremely attentive without being overbearing…More March 2018 was the date of my visit. Is this information useful?
713darp21 reviewsAs of March 22, 2018, there have been 713darp21 reviews. AWESOME NIGHT! To celebrate birthdays, we went to LaPosta. It was an excellent decision! The hotel has a stunning interior and a great staff. They begin by offering you a complimentary glass of champagne! The food was delicious, and a big slice of cake with a candle was taken out…More Helpful? Date of visit: March 2018

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