Kevin hogan teacher

Kevin hogan teacher

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Dr. Shepherd discusses his views on education and the progressive approach he’s introducing to his district, which includes what he refers to as “radical openness” and “putting the people back in public education.” He defines radical transparency as having a clear line of communication with the communities we represent and offering unparalleled levels of access to information and people – being completely transparent.
However, Dr. Shepherd’s main emphasis derives from his caring leadership and vulnerability, and he claims that this is why radical accountability works. It’s focused on the concept of compassion. He also discusses his thoughts on the terms complicated and complex, as well as how his district is using crowdsourcing to promote open communication and determine whether a problem is complicated or complex.
He also discusses why he thinks it’s important to foster an innovative community. One of the first steps he took to do this was to lower the cost of failure in order to improve value. He argues that failure is equated with guilt in far too many educational systems. In a blame society, innovation cannot or will not happen. He believes that failure should be embraced in order to promote a creative community.

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I was worried that Kevin’s educational abilities – and he is a truly gifted educator – will go unused. But last week, I received an unexpected e-mail from Kevin Hogan, who has since become an LGBT activist. I can’t explain how excited and relieved I am to hear that. Kevin’s abilities as a teacher and communicator will still serve us all in the public square if he is kept out of classrooms.
And Kevin has a lot to teach us, not least the hard truths of enduring the brutal public humiliation of the twenty-first century. I’m looking forward to reading Healing Stigma: A Survivor’s Guide to Restoring Identity in the Internet Era, which he’s currently working on. This is the kind of news that sticks around. We don’t yet understand what we’re doing to private individuals in the internet era, but Kevin’s insights and reflective reflection may help us understand. Kevin has the following to say about the recent Ashley Madison hack, which has been widely interpreted as an occasion for gleeful internet heckling:

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Kevin Hogan, a new English teacher and crew coach at Mystic Valley Regional Charter School in Malden, Massachusetts, was recently hired. The local Fox affiliate received news that the new teacher had also starred in porn. Pornography for gay men. Hytch Cawke is a horrible pornographic name. After Fox25 broadcast reporter Mike Beaudet’s ambush of Hogan in a parking lot, the school has put him on administrative leave (video after the jump). There are a lot of plots going on here…
I think it’s great that Fox 25 didn’t make a big deal out of Hogan’s gay pornography. They showed a couple of PG-rated pornographic film stills and listed the titles of two of his films, but they didn’t use the “gay porn” angle to sell the story; instead, they clearly claimed that it was “porn.” Fox isn’t known for its sensitive coverage of gay issues, but it seems that someone there decided that the fact that it was gay porn wasn’t important, which I appreciate.
Most of me thinks Hogan is a total moron for going down this road. The majority of American parents believe that teens should be shielded from sex and should not be exposed to it in English classes or after-school activities. Many of the parents Fox spoke to thought this was completely unacceptable. Whether or not that is right is secondary to the fact that it is the case.

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Kevin Hogan, an English teacher at Mystic Valley Regional Charter School in Malden, has been put on administrative leave after Fox 25 Boston investigators asked him about gay pornographic films in which he appeared.
“The references we got were flawless,” Mystic Valley said, adding that he was put there by the recruitment firm Carney, Sandoe & Associates. “It’s awesome with your support I was able to find a school that I never knew existed,” Hogan writes in a testimonial on the firm’s website.
Today, Mystic Valley Charter School sent an e-mail to parents and staff emphasizing the school’s insistence that any candidate for a job be honest and forthright about previous employment positions.

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