Just scroll down

Just scroll down

Nothing sus just scroll down

Exceptional meaning Scroll up to find out more. After another person asks a question that has already been answered in a previous discussion, this phrase is spoken. The word “scrolling up” comes from a text-message conversation. Person 1: Hey, what’s the name of the club we’re going to tonight?
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Rihanna, get a vaxhole mug for your coworker.
Upscroll is a verb that means to scroll up. Typically used in Instant Message conversations during a disagreement or dispute of some kind. In response to something said earlier in the discussion, one person will tell the other to “scroll up,” meaning that the other person will need to use the scroll bar to go back and re-read what has already been said.

Create an awesome scroll-based html5 video explainer

You probably don’t know, but back in the ‘good old days,’ there were stuff called newspapers. The editors used to be very particular about the material they would present when they were folded in half on the newsstand to make them sell.
People weren’t scrolling, and there were a lot of heated discussions about how to allocate the valuable “above the fold” room in a website design so that different elements didn’t collapse into the abyss.
If you have continuous and lengthy content, such as product information, a post, or a tutorial, scrolling is now more usable than slicing the text through several screens or websites.
How many times have you been sucked in by a click-bait article like “You Won’t BELIEVE What These 17 Long Forgotten Movie Stars Look Like Now?” only to find that the article has been broken up into 17 pages in order to expose you to mind-numbing banner advertising as you slog through the misery?
As the data shows, if you hadn’t been treated like an idiot and the details had been delivered on a single tab, you would have been more involved — and would have scrolled down to see what Radar from M.A.S.H. is up to these days.

My mouse scroll up and down automatically, 2 way to fix

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Elementor tutorial: animated scroll down arrow with free

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Why not just scroll down

The touch pad on modern laptops has a scroll feature built in. If you’ve recently purchased your first laptop, you’ll note the touch pad near the opening. The cursor on the computer page will switch if you drag your finger over the touch pad. There are also two buttons under the touch pad. On a laptop, you can swipe down a page using your touch pad and buttons in two ways.
Under your touch pad, press the left button. It will pass the page down by clicking the button. You can also catch the scroll bar (the gray bar between the arrows) by pressing and holding the left button, then dragging it up and down the page.
Place your finger on the touch pad’s top of the marker. The page will scroll down if you drag it downward. The page will go up as you drag it upward. If that doesn’t work, try adjusting the settings on your mouse.

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